Benelux Enterprise Awards 2020

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Benelux Enterprise Awards , Best Real Estate Agency 2020 - Luxembourg It can be difficult for a young company to adhere to strong values and to deal with clients with integrity, but AFIL Luxembourg have managed it. Avoiding cheap and easy solutions, the company has remained true to its distinguished heritage while making a name for itself. Sep20502 AFIL Luxemburg is a relatively young business with an impressive pedigree. As the second real estate business to be opened by a father and daughter team, it has upheld the values, work ethic, and quality of its origins to become a fine business in its own right. The AFIL story begins with Antonio Da Fonseca, who founded the original AFIL real estate agency. With 10 years’ experience of working with real estate in both Luxembourg and Portugal already under his belt, he originally opened AFIL real estate in 1997. It has a vast portfolio of businesses and has smoothly adapted to the changing industry and economic climate. After 20 years of successful business in the south of the country, it was time to expand. He and his daughter Jennifer created a second business, AFIL Luxemburg, based in the capital city. Despite only being two years old (having celebrated its second anniversary on 1st October), AFIL Luxembourg has already made a big name for itself. Already, the company has become one of the VIP members of the national real estate media portal plans, as well as being seated on the Luxembourg real estate board. The team at AFIL Luxembourg is made up of highly skilled individuals who have won the approval of clients, many whom return for repeat business. The team speak multiple languages (Luxembourgish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English), allowing them to do business with clients from around the globe. Furthermore, the team are available to their clients seven days per week. AFIL Luxembourg takes their responsibility to their clients seriously. Since inception, they have worked on the basis of the values that Antonio Da Fonseca built the original AFIL on: trust, integrity and transparency. AFIL Luxembourg work with their predominantly international clients throughout the realisation of their real estate projects and then beyond, providing after-purchase services. The company strive to be a real partner that helps clients find and purchase the property that completely fulfils their needs. They ensure the total satisfaction of their clients even after the deals have been made. The award for the Best Real Estate Agency 2020 – Luxembourg is only the latest accolade that AFIL Luxembourg have added to their collection. Despite being only two years old, the company has been recognised multiple times in their industry. They are the proud winner of the Real Estate Agency of the Year 2019 – Luxembourg award, as part of the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2019. Jennifer Da Fonseca, the leader of this impressive team, has upheld her father’s legacy well, launching AFIL Luxembourg to success in a very short amount of time. Speaking of how they have achieved so much, she said: “the steps that we take to achieve this kind of mission is by implementing a very strong organisation approach. We ensure that our office is well organised, has culture of trust and respect, and, of course, is filled with hard-working agents who love teamwork. “Over the years, we have worked extremely hard to keep our clients satisfied, with our team available more or less 80 hours a week to ensure that expectations are surpassed.” “At AFIL Luxembourg, our highly reactive and multilingual professional team focuses primarily on delivering an exceptional service to our clients which is built on our firm’s values: courtesy, transparency, cooperation and respect. Available seven days a week to answer any queries, our team have achieved great success, with 98% of customers being satisfied with the service they have received.” AFIL Luxembourg have achieved a lot in the first two years of the company’s life and are sure to continue providing an excellent service. Ultimately, they are not just selling and buying properties, but changing the lives of their clients. Contact: Da Fonseca Jennifer Website: