German Business Awards 2019

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards , Futura Medien GmbH Best Home Appliances News Platform 2019 Oct19404 Digital transforma- tion across trade, industry and society continues to pro- gress at a breakneck pace, and for companies looking to make the transition, there has never been a better time. Not just limited to Germany, digital trans- formation is taking place every- where. Flawlessly positioned to capitalise on the evolution from print to digital, Futura Medien GmbH are a media company that is home to one of Germany’s best home appliances news plat- forms;, the home of home appliance news. Highlighting the very best that the electrical home appliance industry has to offer across Germany, is a hub of news and insight for industry professionals and consumers alike. Operating as both a B2B and B2C publication, the news platform can double as both a business-focused newsletter, and blog for consumers to gather the latest tips and trends for their own homes. Solely focused on the world of electrical appliances, the news platform is the first of it’s kind in operation across the whole of Germany. Being based in Ger- many, and comprised of a team of German people, inforboard. de understands its readership and their needs in a way that international publications simply cannot. Knowing that its strength lies in the home market, the plat- form seeks to determine what its readership wants to know about and then sets about answering those burning questions. Online media is becoming increasingly popular, withmajor news outlets choosing to favour digital publications and news sharing over more traditional printedmethods. However, for companies who grewup with technology now available worldwide, there has never been a better time to capitalise. is Germany’s premier news platform for all things regarding home appliances. To learn about their nationwide success, we profiled the platformand their parent company, FuturaMedien GmbH. With a website that is effortlessly navigated and easy-to-read, is the perfect place to get all home appliance news, reviews, test reports, opinions, and tips. One quick scroll through the home page reveals a plethora of articles ranging from tests on air purifiers, to cordless vacuum cleaner showcases, to reviews of the latest Fitbit smartwatch. Wondering if that new barbecue is perfect for your home? Wonder no more, as and Futura Medien GmbH have it covered. The team that put together the content for may be varied and bring diverse exper- tise, but their uniting passion for the news platform and electrical household appliances forms a powerful bond. Passion infiltrates and permeates everything that the team do, from sales and marketing, to editorial and design, to the information technology staff that keep everything running smoothly. Everyone wants to see the platform continuing to succeed and the enthusiasm of the team continues to make it happen. For more than nine years, has been the go-to source of news and insightful commentary on what is happening throughout the home appliance industry. However, the last three years have really seen the platform catapulted to its current position as a leading figure within the market. Maintaining social media channels and links has also proven to be key, with Facebook and YouTube being key avenues for engagement.Being a purely digital company, there is a myriad of opportunities for constant opti- misation and improvement in the future of and Futura Medien GmbH. Despite considered an innovator and first-mover within the industry, the platform still remains squarely at the forefront of new developments and implemen- tation techniques. Conventional media outlets are beginning to recognise the advantages of full and part-dig- itisation, and following in the footsteps of platforms such as in positioning themselves well enough to capitalise on those advantages. But for now, this digital German publication’s ability to be always available, incredibly fast-moving, and unrestricted to target groups has seen the become true market leaders and innovators. Contact Details: Company: Futura Medien GmbH Contact: Gabriel Wagner Website: Futura Medien GmbH -infoboard ©