German Business Awards 2019

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards , Brainartist GmbH Best International Full-Service Retail Marketing Agency 2019 Nov19133 It’s not always easy to create or refresh a company brand, especially one released across a variety of platforms simultaneously.Sometimes, it’s just easier to call in the experts. Brainartist GmbH stands at the forefront of creative marketing, working in partnership with its clients to create something that is truly inventive. In the light of their award- winning success, we decided to discover what exactly they had to offer, taking a closer look at the agency from the Rheingau. Directly on the Rhine, in the city of Eltville, Brainartist works for well-known customers such as Nike, Google, MAC, Cartier and Gucci Eyewear. The name Brainartist is no coincidence, however, because the agency has a special principle: to think further than the customers expect. At the beginning of each project, the team brings creation, project management and production together to ensure that every- thing remains simple, creative and efficient in the process. An example is the mark Relaunch of one of the most well-known German marks, HAILO with one over 70-jhrige success history: Apart from a completely new, interactive packing design, a new picture world and the redesign of all means of communication, from the visiting card to the exhibition booth, HAILO received also a manual for CRM and - not least - a new, uniform Wording. With carte blanche, Brainartist created some truly stunning, and award-winning results that demonstrate the ambition and creativity that drives them forward. With a "storm-tested" pool of logistics companies, installers and shopfitters, Brain- artist has given a new look at the POS with two patented POS modular systems HAILO and NIKE - halving assembly costs and doubling roll-out potential. The slickness with which Brainartist can inte- grate with a team is a credit to the business. Seeing themselves as team members first and foremost means that instead of acting for the benefit of their company, they serve the needs of their clients. This dynamic way of thinking allows Brainartist to evaluate and optimize projects as they happen leading to pragmatic, sustainable, cost-effective and technically sophisticated experiences. For renowned companies such as Peak Performance, Nike, Estée Lauder, Brainartist ensures that the shops shine in the right light both inside and out. This is also where attention-grabbing productions are developed and installed on a weekly basis. Brainartist sees itself as a team member of its clients and consistently thinks and consults brand oriented for its clients. As a relatively small country with high purchasing power in the middle of Europe, Germany offers a promising and dynamic market for medium-sized agencies such as Brainartist. The central location in the Rhine-Main area offers Brainartist many advantages and the high digitization level is an absolute advan- tage for a comparatively small company with high competition. After Brainartist has opened an office for its clients in Switzerland, a network and innovation office in Berlin, England is the next destination for new business. The agency is currently working with universities, innovative partners and start-ups to develop solutions to move sustainability forward in trade. Brainartist always tries to achieve extra- ordinary results for its clients and to further develop the possibilities of the market together with their clients. Bringing in an outside company is always a risk for the business that is outsourcing. Matching another group’s ethos is a challenge. Brainartist succeed because they take the time to work out what needs to be done and then work efficiently to do it. Putting the needs of the customer first – sometimes before their wants! – Brainartist always deliver extraordinary results. Every single time, Brainartist ensure that the risk of bringing them in pays off. Contact Details: Contact: Ralf Kauffmann Company: Brainartist GmbH Address: Rheinallee 4, D-65346 Eltville Telephone: +49 6123 7037 590 Website: