German Business Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards 17 , EFM- Europäische Finanzmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG Nov19390 Using almost four decades of market experience the team that make up Europäische Finanzmanufaktur GmbH& Co. KG trumpet experts over experimentation. Consummate professionals who are experienced in creating solutions for the financial market, we profiled this company in the light of their award-winning success to find out more. Networked across Europe, EFM specialises in giving its clients experience over everything else. With the large team focusing on different core competencies, EFM is equipped to handle a wide variety of cases in a way that is sustainable, nonconforming and tailored to the requirements of financial market solutions. EFM emerged from an amalgamation of internationally oriented, long-standing industry participants, the clients of whom pursue and expect consulting, strategy and conception at the highest level. Most of this work is done by affiliated consulting partners in the core areas of asset accumulation and security, old-age provision, liquidity security, storage of pre- cious and technology metals, banking, crisis prevention, country diversification, contract clearing and investment strategies. These consulting partners are independent entrepre- neurs, coordinating concepts and solutions to match the needs and demands of the client. It is expected that these solutions are able to meet a client’s circumstances and require- ments in the best and quickest way possible. What EFM is able to bring to its clients is the strategic building of assets. Protecting these assets needs professionalism, expert knowledge and a plan. The mix of knowledge, market analysis and practical implementation that EFM brings to the table is widely recognised across the industry. Against the tempting offers of the investment industry, with its fluctuating markets, economic variation and constant tax and legal changes, EFM offer clients a sense of security in their investments. The true values that form the DNA of EFM are the basis of its strategy. It is what EFM offer, and investment advisors in Germany able to open this location to clients, it’s an advantage not to be dismissed lightly. EFM puts a lot of stock in its steadfast commitment to what has gone before. But with this immense amount of experience, the team have been able to create new and exciting opportunities for their clients. Some companies try innovative and dynamic approaches to the financial sector that don’t quite pay off, but with EFM, a solid return is all but guaranteed. Contact Details Contact: Patrick Held Company: EFM - Europäische Finanzmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG Web Address: Telephone: 0049 8654 7702-220 what they do and what they stand for. These three tenants are cheap purchase, fast availability and the best deposits. Investors frequently move in a field of tension between return, risk, regular cash flow, regulatory requirements and a lack of financial knowledge. Many of these investors simply don’t have access to professional markets, asset classes or even advice. Through the True Values Strategy, the investor is made the owner of their investment, understanding what and how they gain from each decision, and can make the most of the investments that EFM make in their name. The financial centre of EFM is found on three different aspects, those of Triversifikation, non-cash assets and country diversification. Triversifikation is a multi-asset concept for portfolio optimization developed by Rolf B Pieper, combining horizontal and vertical diversification. Several investment instruments and approaches are combined with the lowest possible correlation in order to balance the risk-return ratio. Non-cash assets are made up of previous metals and gems that retain value no matter what happens to the market. Essentially risk-free, the tangible nature of these items means that value is not placed in the stock market, but in supply and demand. Finally, diversification in terms of country, EFM have placed a firm commitment in Liech- tenstein. Rarely available to private investors because of minimum deposits of € 250,000, EFM are able to open the oppor-tunity for asset growth and protection, values assurance and liquidity has never been stronger. Offering the ideal barrier for privacy, Assets and property, Liechtenstein secures assets over generations and protects against all financial dangers. With only a few qualified financial Best Financial Services Consultancy 2019