Q1 2021

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2021 , Precision Engineering Experts What is true accuracy? How do you know you’ve achieved it? The answers lie in precise calibration, which is where the teamat MelutecMetrology Gmbh have achieved such success. We take a look at this amazing team in the light of their success in the German Enterprise Awards where they were named Best Measuring Equipment Calibration & Services Provider 2020, to see what has allowed this impressive company to achieve such success. Since 1991, the team at Melutec Metrology have specialised in calibration. In engineering, ensuring that everything is calibrated correctly is understandably crucial to achieving overall success. By ensuring that everyone corresponds to defined standards, a project maintains the consistency that the most sophisticated creations require. Finding ways of maintaining that calibration is what Melutec Metrology do best. When a client takes on Melutec Metrology, they know that their calibration requirements are in the best hands. This is a team of experts, who have not stopped reinventing the wheel for thirty years. No challenge is too great, no job too complex. They have spent a lifetime not only ensuring that their equipment is the best in the business, but breaking new ground within the industry. The determination to reach ever deeper levels of precision is why the team is so highly regarded by those in engineering circles. Melutec Metrology offers a comprehensive service when it comes to calibrating a company’s measuring and test equipment. Their efforts ensure that all the necessary guarantees for accurate results are in place and ready to go. At the heart of the firm are the attributes of experience, speed and affordable prices. This comes, first and foremost, from the ability to select the right services for your requirements. No company has the same expectations as any other, and so the team can adapt quickly to provide everything from the simple calibration of individual measuring equipment all the way through to the demanding calibration of large quantities. Often, firms need calibration orders completed in short order. The minimal of delay is expected because this can impact on orders that are part of a workflow. What sets the team at Melutec Metrology apart is their ability Sep20848 to offer clients a short calibration run, during which up to 300 pieces of test equipment can be tested and calibrated within five working days. Having this capacity to work with allows businesses an extraordinary amount of freedom to carry out work without losing all of their test equipment. When testing test equipment, there is very little that must be sent out for external examination. Instead of having to delay use of a piece of equipment while a manufacturer repairs it, the team at Melutec Metrology can tackle most work themselves. This saves all parties a great deal of time and administration. The ability of the team to offer these services with such a short processing time is a credit to their high degree of automation with strictly controlled processes. It’s an approach that runs through the entire company, with the same degree of speed and flexibility offered by on-site and off-site services. The difficulties of working with measuring and testing equipment is obvious to anyone who has worked in engineering. This equipment is subjected to tough daily use in a wide variety of conditions. It’s incredibly easy to see why the ability of these devices to measure accurately could fail or alter over time. The results of even the smallest miscalibration can have far reaching consequences as a project develops. The work of Melutec Metrology is not just to engage good calibration practice, but to maintain a strong level of quality assurance. Only by taking a proactive approach to this, with professional and continuous recalibration, can a company be assured that their products are produced accurately and effectively. The team at Melutec Metrology have taken steps to ensure that the processes they use are externally monitored to the highest quality standards possible. This ensures that those who take on the team know