2018 Iberian Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Iberian Business Awards 11 , Contact Details Company: SSR Classic Contact: Sergio Rodrigues Address: Zona Industrial de Lordelo, Lote 30 3730-130, Vale de Cambra, Portugal Phone: 00 351 919042222 Website: www.ssrclassic.com/en SSR Classic Best Classic Car Restoration Company 2018 Based in Portugal, SSR Classic offers classic cars full or part restorations. We caught up with Sergio Rodrigues to learnmore about the firmand how far it has come over the past 12months. “To support these clients and ensure excellence, our mission is to provide a memorable experience to classic car lovers. We aim to provide the best possible service to our clients and help them to reconnect with the car of their youth or dreams. For that, we have a small team that works on a specific car each time, making sure we follow the original instructions when first made by the car manufacturer. Additionally, we also source globally the original components of the car, meaning that each car restoration is a long and detailed process.” Having a small, specialist team is crucial to the firm’s success, as Sergio is excited to highlight. “A major advantage of our company is that all staff members are very passionate and dedicated towards providing the best service. Having a small team is beneficial, as it means everyone is able to communicate with each other, and work together to fulfil the overall mission of SSR Classic. We try to involve everyone in the process, so that we all feel responsible for each restoration that takes place. Staff have the chance to meet the clients directly and to become aware of their needs.” As he looks to the future, Sergio is optimistic about SSR Classic’s ongoing success, as he proudly concludes. “Looking ahead, the future for SSR Classic will revolve around customisation and a change in the process of restoring a classic car. Clients now want upgrades in order to have the car more reliable like their everyday car. We try to be flexible and act accordingly. As part of our ongoing drive to ensure that we support clients through this, we work at our full capacity, meaning that we do not have many competitors or the ones that exist are not able to offer what we do. The restoration process takes time and perhaps the most challenging thing we face is the sourcing of the original parts from the major car brands. Our suppliers are from all over the world and sometimes transportation and taxes surpass the cost of the equipment being acquired. “Despite these challenges, over the coming years we hope to work with an even wider range of clients and provide them with the same award-winning services they have come to expect.” IBB18003 Supporting clients with everything they need to obtain and maintain a classic car, SSR Classic are specialists in this niche field. Among the many services that the firm provide are wood frame restorations or replacements, engine rebuilds, mechanical repairs, servicing, welding, M.O.T. repairs, paintwork, electrical and interior trimming. Sergio discusses the firm’s clientele and how it aims to offer them a truly exceptional service which will meet their specific needs. “For many of SSR Classic’s clients, this is more than a hobby, as driving classic cars is their real passion in life. The company also provides official certification from the best luxurious brands like Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, and others, so that the customer is guaranteed that they are acquiring an original classic.

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