2018 Iberian Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Iberian Business Awards 15 , Veni.tv Best AV Solutions Provider - Spain IBB18013 Contact Details Company: Antiestatico Europa SL (Veni.tv) Contact: Matias Dumont Address: Duque de Fernán Núñez 2, 2º 2, 28012 Madrid, Spain Phone: 0034 677 30 83 06 Website: http://veni.tv Veni.tv offers an innovative audio-visual production service under the concept #SmartCost. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Iberian Business Awards we profile the firm to showcase the unique services it has to offer. The #SmartCost concept is summarized in the delivery of communication videos with high quality at low-cost investment. The team at Veni surround themselves with great talent and future great filmmakers to be their platform for professional growth. The firm also has its own team of filmmakers, editors, animators, musicians and business executives who provide a high-quality service and quick response to customers from their areas, with the premise #SmartCost as the main axis of the business. At present, both, small, medium and large advertisers use video as their main communication tool, it is in this space where Veni offers the possibility of productions that fit all types of production formats and budgets. The firm’s strength lies in knowing how to interpret the projects that its clients approach Veni provides audio- visual services to all types of brands and advertisers who wish to communicate through video, whether they are looking to advertise spots, provide animations, event coverage, interviews, making of videos or institutional videos. Originally known as Veni Video Vici, Veni has recently rebranded to reach a wider audience. Thanks to its new website, which features pre-established packs for clients to buy, including interview, photo or coverage packages, the firm is now able to provide its clients with quick and easy solutions to all their audio- visual needs. The new site also features a section where clients send Veni basic information about their project and the firm sends them a budget in less than 24 hours. to it, efficiently, optimizing costs, and delivering high quality pieces. Being established in the Iberian region allows the company to work flexibly as a central office and strategic planning axis, both for the European market as well as for America or Asia. Veni has offices in Argentina and Chile too, and shortly the firm will be opening in Mexico. This flexible geographical base allows the firm to operate around the world, offering adaptable, high quality and efficient services and at low costs. Currently Veni.tv is in a fast process of growth and expansion, and is consolidating this business model and achieving greater positioning in the markets in which it operates. The company is also receiving several proposals to open subsidiaries of Veni in different territories, and these developments offer the firm the chance to enhance its already incredible success.

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