2022 Scandinavian Business Award Packages

EU Business News is delighted to announce that the Scandinavian Business Awards is returning for its second year to recognise the outstanding achievements of leading companies and individuals operating within the diverse region of Scandinavia. Despite the hardships posed by COVID-19, businesses throughout Scandinavia have weathered the storm and demonstrated unmatched levels of resilience when faced with uncertainty. As a result of such determination, the Scandinavian economy remains robust and is expected to continue to grow further; a testament to the efforts of business owners and their staff who have continued to work hard and ensure that customer service remains at the forefront of their efforts. EU Business News was launched to deliver a thorough overview of the world of European business. In conjunction with the launch of EU Business News the Scandinavia Business Awards has been established to recognise European businesses that are truly the harbingers of greater global change. Each nominee in the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 will be assessed based on their merits by our in-house research team. The EU Business News team gather information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves. Final judgement is cast based on various criteria such as: overall business performance, longevity, business growth (either sustained or rapid) and any significant innovations within business operations or feedback. Taking part in the Scandinavian Business Awards is the perfect way for businesses to affirm their status as an industry leader, whilst also instilling confidence in clients, customers, and colleagues. Furthermore, we acknowledge how receiving an award can be a great boost to morale and we will therefore endeavour to recognise those most deserving. Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 introduction Introduction Introduction eubusinessnews.com