2023 Irish Enterprise Award Packages

Packages Packages About Us Introduction eubusinessnews.com EU Business News is excited to announce the return of the Irish Enterprise Awards, which we have now been hosting for six consecutive years! The Irish business market is both dynamic and industrious, and the Irish Enterprise Awards 2023 wi l l provide a platform for the country’s leading enterprises and entrepreneurs to showcase their success. Over the years Ireland has evolved to become one of the strongest economic powers in Europe, whi le also cementing its position as a central hub for innovation across the continent. As many countries continue to struggle financial ly post-pandemic, economic growth in Ireland has remained stable – consistently outpacing its European counterparts and staying wel l ahead of the Euro-Zone average in 2022 so far. Despite facing the same chal lenges as other neighbouring countries, including an ongoing cost of l iving crisis and volati le energy prices, Irish businesses have been able to thrive thanks in part to the strength of their exports industry, as wel l as investments from prominent global corporations. Whi le many sectors are beginning to feel the pressure of inflation, workforce shortages, and supply chain issues, the outlook is sti l l largely optimistic when it comes to future market expansion. In a recent survey of Enterprise Ireland companies, over 90 percent of respondents described their export sales as either “stable” or “increased” compared to last year. Bronze Package 695 GBP • Ful l page of editorial • Bespoke trophy • Personal ised digital logo Shipping included Jul22493 13. Arctic Systems provides smart, digital, and sustainable pest control through the use of its monitoring smart trap device RATMO®, saving time while reducing the rodent population in a sustainable manner. We find out more about this innovative solution from one of the company’s Founders in the wake of the firm gaining the title of Leading Innovators of Pest Control Technology 2022. Originally invented and founded in Denmark in 2016 by pest control expert Rune Barslund and Industrial Designer Alistair Morton, Arctic Systems had a vision for a poison free rodent control system. Since then, the company’s aim has been to build the best user focused smart city platform for industries to monitor rodent activities in and around their own sites. After experiencing issues with an increased rat population due to growing cities, Rune and Alistair knew that they needed to act fast, however the issues with the existing rodent control solutions already in place was that they relied heavily on harmful pesticides which pollute the soil and groundwater causing secondary poisoning to birds, cats, dogs, and wildlife. The challenge was to develop something that was pesticide free yet smart and effective. Arctic Systems’ solution was to create the innovative RATMO® system. A digital remote sensor that is mounted on a standard rat trap or cage, transforming any conventional trap into a remote sensor and data collector. RATMO® ensures the rodent is killed instantly and in an ethical and sustainable manner. The smart solution accurately tracks and records rodent activity as well as the performance of the service provider through the Smart City App, providing data and statistics for reporting. Being able to log in online and track in real-time, enables the user to monitor their existing rat traps 24/7 and plan effective routines for cost effective rodent control. This new technology ensures there will be no wasted visits to trap locations, saving time and transportation. The RATMO® system has also undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is durable and up to the task. “During the last years, our RATMO® project has taken us to the USA, Middle East, Africa, and Northern Europe, where we have tested under extreme conditions, including live tests from +50 to -22 ° C,” elaborates Rune. “Back in the lab, our devices are tested with up to 3000 empty snaps to stress the electronics and plastic parts to the limit. A military drop test has been done with 28 drops from 1.2m on a hard surface, on all corners, edges, and sides and the units passed these tests without any problems.” “We believe in a healthy, safe, and pestfree environment, and with Arctic Systems RATMO® solution, industries support several of the official UN Goals for Sustainable Development, including Life on Land and Climate Action”, Rune explains. “RATMO® supports the eco systems and biological diversity due to its non-toxic solution and helps reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to less transportation between sites”. Recently, Arctic Systems was rewarded for its hard work and pioneering creativity by being recognised in the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Leading Innovators of Pest Control Technology 2022. And it seems that Rune and Alistair have their sights set on company expansion as they plan to take on the world… one rat at a time! Contact: Rune Barslund & Alistair Morton Email: [email protected] Company: Arctic Systems Web Address: www.arctic-systems.com Get Rid of That Rodent! Jun22273