2023 Scandinavian Business Award Packages

Packages About Us Introduction eubusinessnews.com EU Business News proudly presents the return of the Scandinavian Business Awards in 2023! For a third consecutive year we celebrate the outstanding achievements and unrelenting resilience of the broad plethora of Scandinavian businesses! Norway, Sweden and Denmark continue to show strength when faced with economic obstacles. As several doors of opportunity closed, the three nations found ways to open new ones. When the vitally important tourism and labour sectors faced challenges, Scandinavian businesses harnessed existing technology and capitalised on their ability to develop new innovations. As one of the most digitally competitive global regions, it is no surprise that technology has helped Scandinavia to maintain stability. Additionally, 2022 marked the end of pandemic restrictions in these countries, providing hope for the future of Scandinavia’s less digitally focused sectors. As an influx of international tourists emerges once again, eager to explore this region’s profound beauty and rich culture, a major component of Scandinavian economies begins its restoration. Equally, the removal of cross-border complications has increased labour market mobility between the region’s constituent nations. There is no doubt that with Scandinavia’s continuous ingenuity and robust work ethic, its economies will go on to thrive in the coming years. The Scandinavian Business Awards 2023 will highlight those who have worked tirelessly to support this strength and, in some cases, develop the industry they contribute to. From sole proprietorships and small hospitality businesses to tech giants and internationally prominent energy companies, all industries will be included, and no business is too large or too small. The Scandinavian Business Awards 2023 aims to recognise each crucial component of the region’s entrepreneurial spirit!