EU Business News Q2 2018

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2018 , Success for the Client is Success for the Company ABNAmroPrivateBanking (ABN) is aPrivateBank that offerswealth structuring solutions and non-standard lending solutions to (Ultra)HighNetWorth Individuals. BernardNaronprovides us withmore informationon the success of the company andwhat attributes have led to its success. Boasting a wealth of experience throughout the company, ABN operates within a competitive industry in which the integrated and multi-disciplinary teams work together, combining their various skillset and expertise in order to provide an exceptional service. Bernard explains what the team’s approach is when undertaking a new project, describing what steps each employee takes in order to ensure that the client receives the best possible outcome. “When approaching our clients, we know that we have to offer exceptional services and are always able to find solutions for complex clients due to our multi- disciplinary approach.” Marking itself out as the best possible option for clients, the company has a small but highly- skilled workforce, and it this versatility and unrivalled expertise which makes the company fast in its delivery and flexible. Bernard comments on what he and the management team do in order to ensure that their staff are highly trained, well-qualified and prepared to answer any queries that the firm may have. “In order to attract the very best talent we focus on a broad geographical market. We have a multinational staff and an international corporate culture. This means we are able to recruit from many countries and we strongly believe in the power of diversity. Getting the best talent means that you have to actively search for them, as well as giving them the freedom to work creatively and in environments of enhanced collaboration.” Encouraging staff to realise their potential, Bernard comments on the internal culture within the firm, explaining how he motivates the team to perform to their highest potential, as they all work together the reach the targets that the company sets itself. “Internally, we want to create a space for dreams and ambitions, and we are driven by passion and guided by expertise. This falls in line with the firm’s mission in which we aim to be perceived as trusted, professional and ambitious. A lot of business comes from trust, and trust is about establishing and maintaining lasting relationships. The team understand banking, and strive to improve ourselves every day. Lastly, we are always stretching our boundaries and striving to achieve more for our stakeholders.” Luxembourg provides many benefits and opportunities for ABN, and Bernard gives us a brief overview of the industry within the region currently, and comments on what specific challenges and outside influences there are which affecting the company. “The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is geographically placed in the heart of Europe offering easy access to all major European cities and financial centres. It is led by a stable, entrepreneurial- minded, liberal and reliable government; also, it is a founding member country of the European Union and Eurozone, which hosts a significant part of the European Union’s departments. “Last but not least, Luxembourg enjoys an AAA rating from the major rating agencies, providing a positive reinforcement for (ultra) high net worth individuals to have (part of) their assets managed in the Grand Duchy. Over the years, Luxembourg has positioned and developed itself into a sophisticated financial centre in both European and global financial markets, making it a centre of excellence for private banking, wealth management, investment and asset management as well as financial professionals. The Luxembourg tool box offers unique infrastructure opportunities for wealth structuring solutions, regulated by the CSSF and governed by a legislative framework. The country supports European laws and regulation introducing more transparency and cross border communication.” As a result of the many opportunities that ABN offers, the future looks bright for the company, with Bernard predicting exciting times ahead, as long as the firm continues in its current vein of being a trusted partner and building long-term relationships. “Ultimately, we foresee a consolidation in the market, and we will make sure we remain focused on our clients and staff, as well as the trust they put in us. Lastly, we want to make sure that we remain the trusted, professional and ambitious partner for our clients in times that are uncertain and changing at fast pace.” 1803EU01