2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards , Best for Integrated Energy Management Solutions 2018 - The Netherlands COMCAM is a multi-disciplinary company delivering an extensive range of energy solutions and connected services. Philipp Keller provides us with an overview of the firm and the range of solutions it has to offer. comprehensive service offering ensures that we are able to meet our clients’ requirements no matter what they are.” Offering a wide range of solutions is so key to COMCAM that is integrated into both the firm’s motto and mission, both of which Philipp outlines in more detail. “Fundamentally, COMCAM’s motto is: ‘we give you the market’. This reflects our mission: to provide our clients the best solution, drawing from all possibilities the energy market has to offer, smartly combining them, integrating them, aligning them to the energy strategy and managing them actively. To achieve this, we continue to select the best partners, sharing their products and services with our clients, and, where needed or desired, we develop new ones to fill any gaps we see in the market.” Central to the firm’s success is its dedicated team, all of whom work hard towards the firm’s goals, as Philipp highlights. “At COMCAM, our culture is defined by our DNA. Lean and organically grown, we have a tight knit team of dedicated professionals going the extra mile, where and when needed. We are a dynamic and diverse team, very flat hierarchy, comprising young and driven members. We BEN18002 Drawing on its wide- reaching industry experience, since its inception COMCAM has created a comprehensive offering of both domestic and international solutions to meet the needs of its valued clients. Philipp explores how the firm adapts its service offering dependent on the market it is serving to ensure excellence. “Supporting a range of clients, at COMCAM we work primarily in the Netherlands, Germany and the Belgium with offices in Middelburg and Duesseldorf. Markets differ, and as such so do our services and solutions in these countries. We leverage our position with about 25 energy suppliers and technology partners to deliver best power and gas contracts at fixed and variable pricing that integrates with our bespoke energy portfolio management and analysis. We build products for our partners. “Additionally, we develop with our clients an individual energy strategy covering all aspects like procurement, portfolio management, energy management, PV, Wind and LED and battery installations, meeting regulatory demands, subsidies, tax rebates, metering services, peak shaving and financing. Besides this, we also undertake brokerage for market participants in power and gas markets. This Contact Details Company: COMCAM Contact: Philipp Keller Phone: +31 118 760760/ +49 211 781 771 00 Web Addresses: www.comcam.pro / www.comcamenergy.com undertake thorough, on-the- job training and continuous assessment, and our colleagues work together out of instinct and learn from each other. The highest motivation working for us is probably the team and our culture, this boosts motivation and lets our people personally and professionally thrive.” With the future stretched before it, COMCAM looks set to build upon its current achievements over the years to come. Philipp concludes by exploring the innovations and projects that the firm has in store for the time ahead. “Currently, I am looking into blockchain technology, which we are soon due to implement in an exciting wind power project. We will continue to push the envelope with regards to product development absorbing the dynamics of the market and the needs and demands of our clients. There is more in the pipeline with regards to peak shaving, buffering, demand response and portfolio management, and all of these developments offer COMCAM the chance to enhance its service offering and build upon its already impressive success.”

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