2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards , Most Innovative Image Processing Solutions Company 2018 VistaLink is a Belgian-based specializedmachine vision systemintegrator. Tofind outmore about the firmand the services it offers, we invited Stéphane Van hoof to talk us through the company. Established in 1990, today VistaLink is a machine vision system integrator with vast experience in the field of industrial image processing using vision technology. Stéphane explores the firm’s expertise in more detail and outlines how it has cultivated from the beginning. “Over the years, VistaLink has built up a specific know-how towards three well defined markets: the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry and the distribution and logistics market. To our clients in these spaces, we provide turn-key solutions as a retro-fit on existing machines, as a specific vertical solution for our OEM customers (mainly machine builders) or as a specific product that we have developed ourselves. Alongside the solutions themselves, we also offer all necessary services, and our teams of experienced staff ensure excellence at all times. “Since 2011, we have been associated with Crest Solutions. Together we have created a group of companies able to provide the same solution to different sites from our global customers. With locations in Belgium, Ireland, the UK and Sweden, we make sure that we are providing local support in the local language. By combining our forces, we have close to 200 engineers in a very specific area of machine vision, and as such we are now one of the biggest players in Europe in the field of machine vision. For the last five years we have been the leading group to install the serialisation and aggregation solutions of Antares Vision in the pharmaceutical industry. Our capability to roll out the same standardised solution across various sites across Europe in our respective regions has been recognized as a strong and unique offering.” It is this collaborative approach which has helped the firm to achieve the success it enjoys today, according to Stéphane. “Driven by expertise, VistaLink is a strong and reliable partner for its customers and partner suppliers. Our company provides innovative and sustainable turn-key solutions for inspection and track and trace understanding the needs of its customers. We understand their needs, and as such we work hard to ensure that when they invest with us, they invest wisely.” Looking ahead, despite the uncertainty that Brexit has bought on the country, VistaLink remains committed to investing in its expansion into the UK, to support the growth it is seeing in this market. Stéphane concludes by discussing how this investment will allow the firm, and its clients to reap the benefits over many years to come. BEN18004 “In order to support our vast growth, early this year we relocated into a brand-new building. Like our solutions, the building has been build tailor made for our needs, and we now boast multiple machine vision labs, an industrial shop floor, and, most importantly of all new, modern and inspiring working environment for our staff. The building has created enough additional space to welcome new engineers, and as such VistaLink’s future will revolve around expansion, growth, and, vitally, even greater success for us and our clients. “Alongside our investment in the UK, early next year both Crest Solutions and VistaLink are launching with a number of new vertical products based on machine vision technology. Most of them are dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, but we will also be launching the 4th generation of our Crate ID product for the logistics space. With Crate ID, we have a fully automatic tunnel device to identify and count crates and other products stacked on pallets or other load carriers, for which there is a growing demand in the distribution and logistics space. All of these developments look set to offer us the chance to flourish over the coming years and we are looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities they will offer us.”

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