Benelux Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Benelux Enterprise Awards 21 , Best Home DIY Kits Supplier 2020 - Belgium At a time whenmany people are being forced to stay at home due to an unforeseen pandemic and its subsequent spread, those same people are re-examining their living spaces andmaking changes. This period of lockdown has given rise to a new generation of DIY-ers who need the tools to complete any home-based work that professionals cannot come out to do. Enter, Sack Zelfbouw, a Belgian firm that has seen a need and has set about delivering an innovative solution. We find out more following the firm’s success in the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2020 fromEU Business News. Aug20034 Just over twenty years ago in 1999, Sack Zelfbouw BVBA was formed as a dynamic young company that specialized in supplying and supervising self-build packages for individuals who wanted to carry out renovation work on their own property. Over the last two decades, the firm has slowly but surely evolved into something more, and has become a lifeline for people who know absolutely nothing about the world of plumbing, heating, ventilation, electricity or any aspect of home- oriented utilities. Now, Sack Zelfbouw is all about supplying these ambitious individuals with the right tools and equipment to take care of any plumbing, heating, ventilatory, or bathroom-based need that a home may have. As well as the DIY kit that the firm provides, clients can also be guided by advisers who are trained in all things heating, sanitary, and ventilatory. COVID-19 may have forced people to spend more time in their own homes, but Sack Zelfbouw has always been an icon of DIY for the clients it serves. It has encouraged many people to roll up their sleeves and have the opportunity to save some money by doing DIY tasks themselves. More than twenty years ago, business managers Mike and Ann developed a unique self-build formula as dedicated DIY- ers themselves. The term Zelfbouw can be translated approximately to “guided DIY”, and that is exactly where the firm specializes. Consumers over the last twenty years that have wanted to save some money, have always been able to turn to Sack Zelfbouw and know that they will receive the best guidance in relation to the A-to-Z of utilities-based needs. Far more than simply choosing the right materials or methods of installation, Sack Zelfbouw also helps its clients realize the installation of these materials or technics right the way through to completion. Technics take many forms, but the ones that clients most often want installed include heat pumps, solar panels, and newer forms of ventilation, amongst others. Being able to let inexperienced customers flawlessly perform installations of complex technical elements whilst saving money is not an easy thing to do, but one that Mike and Ann have worked tirelessly to make a reality for themselves and their clients. One of the most crucial elements to what Sack Zelfbouw offers is the fact that the customers always feel understood. Facing a self-build project as nothing but a layman can often be quite intimidating, but the guidance from the firm can change everything. The team at Sack Zelfbouw think along with their clients, because they know exactly what it means to face a self- build project that includes daunting technical elements. That is why the firm always does its utmost to provide an optimal and personal service that tries to guide everyone as professionally as possible. Each client can also benefit from on-site training by professionals, a personalized online educational platform, a dedicated call-centre, and personal and professional help whenever it is needed. During the events of the COVID- 19 pandemic, Sack Zelfbouw’s turnover increased by an organic 10%, given that people had more time and were able to do more themselves in terms of working on their own homes. What the middle and long-term impacts will be on the general construction industry remains to be seen, but the work that Sack Zelfbouw is doing right now is nothing short of exceptional. A new shop has opened as recently as September, and another is due to be opened at the beginning 2021. More and more people can brave the world of DIY if given just a little bit of belief and the right tools. Sack Zelfbouw delivers both in abundance, and has empowered a huge number of clients to make changes to their homes without having to fork out loads of cash for it to happen. That is the true excellence of what the firm offers. Company: Sack Zelfbouw Contact: Ann De Groote Website: