Benelux Enterprise Awards 2021

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Benelux Enterprise Awards , “We make sure these customers, or those who have the profile of an entrepreneur, or undertake significant and professional activities, can have the necessary support through insurance that mitigates risk,” explains Heidi. “This included making sure that financial means are readily available and providing the necessary freedom and flexibility within each insurance plan. Consequently, in the event of any setbacks, the core values of the customer remain protected and the customer can safeguard what is most precious to them. When core values remain intact, companies are able to continue operations in line with their own moral principles,” she concludes. DALI’s focus on people means that it is always looking to ensure that the offers it makes are in their clients’ best interests. This also includes DALI’s constant aim to be compliant with sector regulation, but to also aim higher in its push for ethical principles in all its actions and its promotion of sustainable and ethical investments. While many in this field put finance above all else, it remains subordinate to other targets at DALI. Nothing is allowed to compromise the firm’s core values of trust and growth for clients. This means that investments made with this company are as safe as possible. The relationship that DALI develops with its clients and its insurers is one that is incredibly positive. Through honesty and congeniality, Heidi has developed a system of mutual development and growth for all who are involved with her company. This means that those who turn to DALI do not turn around, allowing for direct and consistent growth movement towards their company targets. DALI offers a fresh alternative to the mainstream, cutting through the noise and chatter to create a system that embraces a strong knowledge of the sector with an incredible amount of integrity. For people who are uncertain of where to turn, this is a team trusted across Belgium to deliver exceptional results. We celebrate DALI’s incredible success and look forward to what it achieves next. Company: DALI Name: Heidi Van Hool Email: [email protected] Jul21090 Best Independent Insurance Broker - Belgium The world of insurance and loans can be immensely complex to the uninitiated, but the teamat DALI are determined to transform that perception. Set up as a one-stop-shop for all insurance needs, DALI has since evolved to become a provider of a unique concept for smart management of insurance products via its unique DALI insurance plan. As a result, DALI has achieved universal acclaim, which has been recognised in EU Business News’ Benelux Enterprise Awards 2021. Heidi VanHool, Founder of DALI, tells us more. DALI stands for Dynamic in Assurances Loans and Investments, and since being set up in 2007 has become the go-to place for those who want to manage their insurance in a well-thought way. Turning to this organisation powered by Heidi Van Hool means being able to access an overview that enables better, more active and incredibly flexible management that is to everyone’s benefit. Many people in Belgium face two important questions. These are “Am I properly insured?” and “How do I manage my insurance properly?”, and DALI provides solutions to both topics. As an independent insurance broker, DALI has access to a wide variety of insurance partners, for providing customers with optimal solutions. By considering the overall risks and needs of a client, it can quickly generate astonishing returns. The role the firm takes is never one that takes the lead over the client, but one that empowers customers in their decision taking by reaching advice based on objective information. Independence is a priority at every stage for all concerned. For DALI, insurance is a tool, supporting financial plans and personal aspirations. A DALI insurance plan provides an overview allowing people to take the lead on their own insurance management, as well as a support structure for a person or business’s broader financial plans. The name DALI also represents the company’s mission to put the customer’s identity central and reckon with their Desires, Aspirations, Life path, Interests or passions. For setting up a proper insurance plan, and for the selection and design of a strong insurance contract, DALI examines each customers’ preferences, values and ambitions. The firm is then able to create agile plans that are flexible and adjustable. For this reason, bundles and packages are avoided to safeguard as much freedom as possible for flexible management. Growth is a key part of many people’s lives, and DALI differentiates itself by ensuring that its strategies grow to meet the needs of its clients. Heidi always aims to assist her clients not just to grow within themselves, but to have the support to grow through their loans and insurance. That level of depth is key to engaging many who turn to her for help. Moreover, DALI strives to guide its customers through ‘Safe Growth’, which is the core slogan of the business. In doing so, DALI makes its customers conscious of the risks and provides not only insurances but also prevention tools and strong services to assist a customer in a situation of damage. DALI wants to enable risk-taking actions, and supports customers with a strong risk-appetite or with significant responsibilities with inevitable risk.