Benelux Enterprise Awards 2021

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Benelux Enterprise Awards , Moreover, BreachLock has a deep-seated respect for its industry and the professionals found therein, and is continuously striving to make it a better, more lucrative, and more secure place for each client that utilises its services. It is the BreachLock guarantee that its unique SaaS platform will always be able to deliver on-demand, continuous, and scalable security for modern cloud-powered and DevOps operated businesses; therefore, its work uses both the old school and the newest solutions around in order to find the best of the best. Due to this, the company has worked hard in order to ensure its platform not only facilitates but enables collaboration between DevOps and Breachlock security researchers. By bringing its industry closer together as a united front against cybercrime, it is empowering the entire industry in fixing their security gaps quickly and efficiently. Company: BreachLock Contact: Seemant Sehgal Website: Jul21121 Most Innovative Penetration Testing Solutions Provider 2021 BreachLock’s efforts in the cybersecurity industry have beenworking hard to bring together companies across the world in a front line against cybercrime. By use of its exemplary, automated, and speedy platform, its work combines the expertise of its top-of-the-line hackers and the comprehensive nature of its AI solutions in order to secure any potential breaches in a client’s defense. A global leader in the PTaaS space, BreachLock is a leading provider of penetration testing solutions as a service, an accreditation that has been awarded to it for its innovation, ingenuity, and consistent dedication to the client. This has culminated in it being identified as a prominent sample vendor in Gartner’s list, which hailed the PTaaS market as an innovation trigger that will be one of the core technological sectors shaping the future of the world as a whole. With its fully hybrid solutions, BreachLock is the first and only PTaaS that offers a full stack coverage solution combining artificial intelligence and human hackers, each of whom are industry leaders in their fields and will present clients with the most exemplary work. Fundamentally, its combination of both AI and human ingenuity allows it to rapidly scale and accelerate pen testing. Furthermore, with its comprehensive pen test reporting system available to clients, it can capture vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently before they get a chance to become exploitable, with an approach that allows the market to unveil a new and more efficient way of working with huge benefits over traditional models. These include accelerated remediation and automated retesting in order to ensure reliability across the board. Having helped hundreds of clients who have gone on to make BreachLock their one-stop-shop for setting up their cybersecurity defences, it has ensured that each company it works with benefits from faster, accurate, scalable, and cost-effective pen testing that won’t break the bank whilst no sacrificing quality. At present, therefore, it is the only platform on the market that gives CISO’s a singular plane of view from which to oversee various applications. These include the external network, internal network, API, and cloud infrastructure risks, all, of which are incredibly important to be able to keep an eye on, especially regarding assisted remediation and automation of pen testing – this in particular ensures that DevOps professionals can promote secured development early on. Additionally, BreachLock was one of the HOT 150 Cybercrime companies in 2021, constantly keeping abreast of developments and updates in this field. In this manner, it can reassure its clients that its solutions will never be caught unawares by any new forms of attack of threat that cybercriminals may come up with, using its continued success as a springboard into being able to better serve its clientele. It was also selected as one of SC Magazine’s 2020 industry innovators before this.