Benelux Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Benelux Enterprise Awards 7 , Best Online Health & Wellness Course Provider - Netherlands With a founder focusing on the importance of following one’s dreams and dedicated to encouraging a world where better wellness is championed, theWellness Coach Institute (AWellness Revolution) is an accreditedmentorship organisation operating all across the world. With remote, accessible, and innovative teaching styles that will focus on clicking with a student on an individual level, each learner will come away with applicable skills that allow them to coach and promote better wellness in their communities. Jul21439 A Wellness Revolution is a business that was started by leading mind in her field, Cathleen Beerkens, in order to blaze the way in holistic, online wellness coaching. Her totally remote and comprehensive courses cover all elements of wellness and are geared towards helping people reach internal harmony, allowing people to undertake certifications that will allow them to become board- certified health and wellness coaches, and go on to use their training to help others. This is all part of Cathleen’s wish to help make the world a better place than she found it. In essence, this dedication towards world betterment is what underpins the entirety of the A Wellness Revolution’s operations, helping the world become more connected by sharing the goodness and love she wishes to foster in everyone. Motivated, dedicated, and bespoke, A Wellness Revolution, founded in 2018, trains hundreds of students all over the world in order to allow them to support the mainstream medical system with something that will help clients alongside their prescribed treatments, allowing them to focus on self-care, self-reflection coaches can always be assured that they are benefitting from teaching and training that is the top of the range, working with methodologies and theories that are influencing the current working paradigms in everything from Epigenetics to Neuroscience and Glycoscience, bequeathing a new level of understanding upon its learners of how health works at a cellular level. The students that it trains each laud the depth and breadth of its curriculum as exemplary as a result. With everything from the nitty gritty complexities of the body to the wider field of the sciences covered, each can expect to come out with not just an accreditation, but a renewed appreciation for the complexities of the body, all given through interactive and immersive training per person; additionally, it believes in new forms of education and training where integration and application are championed over memory testing. After all, more often than not, it is the applicability of knowledge that will dictate its usefulness, rather than just pure recall. A Wellness Revolution is committed to giving its students a great deal of personal attention, by assigning each student a mentor to guide them throughout the course. and personal transformation towards greater wellbeing. This beginning spurred on a continual drive towards further success for A Wellness Revolution, having been awarded the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches certification as well as the International Coaching Federation certification, and the Dutch accreditation from the BLCN organisation. Each of these certifications are incredibly important to the organisation as too often, the wellness industry is given poor repute by uncertified practitioners, and A Wellness Revolution wishes to be one of the worldwide businesses bucking that trend by ensuring its work operates within strict oversight, keeping to rules and regulations that keep its coaches and clients safe. Moreover, in order to promote scalable growth that matches this ethos, its focus, when it comes to expansion, is building a community in the Netherlands and developing a holistic coaching course. In tandem with all of this, its coaches are encouraged to always keep abreast of the newest developments and findings in science that are incorporated into its teaching. Thanks to this, Each student is also paired with a student partner as they work together to prepare for small groups of practice coaching sessions and oral discussion group tests. A Wellness Revolution is looking forward to continuing to develop as it moves forward into the future, with the development of leaders, teachers, and mentors as well as coaches, all being handled with the organisation’s courses and through its ever- growing YouTube channel. Company: A Wellness Revolution/Wellness Coach Institute Contact: Cathleen Beerkens Website: