Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023

10. Jun23654 Brussels-based company, Babylonia Creative Affairs Bureau (Babylonia), brings together creative minds that turn wishes into reality. Founded in 2012, the company delivers ‘à la carte’ visual communications solutions to clients across Europe, Asia, and the USA. We take a look at the company in more detail and learn about some advances that are taking the visual communications world by storm with company representative, Sarah Welby. In today’s fast-paced interconnected society, the importance of visual communication continues to grow. Visuals offer a rapid way to engage with large numbers of people, conveying complex ideas, emotions, and narratives in a way that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. The continued rise in popularity of social media and digital technologies has only accelerated the demand for effective and appealing visual content. In a world inundated with data, high-quality visual comms are no longer a creative choice, but a strategic necessity. Creating memorable, iconic still and moving images is the remit of Babylonia Creative Affairs Bureau. Working with private companies, communications agencies, and public organisations, the team at Babylonia are bursting with flair and creativity. Offering corporate photography, video production, web design, and graphic design, Babylonia builds tailor-made teams to respond explicitly to the needs of each project. Sarah explains how Babylonia has the edge over its competitors: “We don’t have employees – instead, we have a large roster of freelancers. This is one of our main commercial strategies. Working with an independent creative team means we have a wide spectrum of choices and experts available for every service we offer. This enables us to find the best match for every client according to their needs. We prioritise clear and regular communication with clients to establish a strong understanding, set expectations, and deliver exactly what the client needs.” The meticulous attention to detail and strict quality control processes at Babylonia ensure work is of a consistently high standard and error-free. Sarah adds, “It’s important to us to deliver our projects on time. By doing so, we enable our clients to meet their own deadlines and objectives. Of course, we also pride ourselves on our flexibility. So if there are last-minute or unexpected changes we’re prepared to adapt and accommodate.” With AI on the rise in every area of technology, we ask Sarah to tell us a little about the impact on the visual communications industry. She explains, “At Babylonia, we’re monitoring the advancements in AI with interest. Some of the notable trends we’ve noticed include automated editing. AI algorithms are now analysing images and video to identify patterns and make intelligent adjustments such as enhancing colour and improving composition. They can even remove unwanted objects or even blemishes. Intelligent automode is able to analyse a scene and adjust camera settings accordingly. Image analysis such as facial recognition, emotion detection, and image segmentation can now be done in real-time. This is opening up a whole new field of creative possibilities. So what lies on the horizon for Babylonia? Sarah says, “In the future of our company, we see a rising demand for high-quality visual content. As businesses and individuals rely on digital platforms more and more for communication and marketing, the need for creative audiovisual agencies is only set to grow. In the coming years, we aim to expand our client base and persist on delivering qualitative services for our customers.” Contact: Sarah Welby Company: Babylonia Creative Affairs Bureau Web Address: Best Photo & Video Agency