Central Europe Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Central Europe Business Awards 11 , Natek S.R.O. Best IT Outsourcing Company - 2018 CEN18008 NATEK provides essential IT Outsourcing and Consulting Services in Central and Eastern Europe. In October, the firmwas recognised in EU’s Central Europe Business Awards as the ‘Best Outsourcing Company for 2018’. On the back of this well-deserved achievement, we spoke to NATEK’s CEO, Jean-Michel Namand, to find out how they have secured their stable position at the forefront of Europe’s IT services sector. all over the world racing to catch up. Some have capitalised on the opportunities of emerging and new technologies, realising that the way to stay ahead of the competition lies in making their “We owe our success in Slovakia to the extraordinary commitment of all our employees and especially the business model of our Kosice Delivery Center. It has been so successful that we are planning to deploy this model in other countries, such as Poland and Bulgaria.” services faster, more reactive, and more cost-efficient than their peers. Others lag behind, not realising that the key to future success and further growth lies in harnessing the true power of IT. In many ways, NATEK was established to act as an accelerator for some of the largest telecommunications, banking and insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe, allowing them to thrive in notoriously competitive industries. These are sectors with large technological demands that require expert guidance and knowledge to drive their business to new heights. It is, by all regards, a role that NATEK is eager and capable to take on. Jean-Michel starts the interview by taking a moment to explain NATEK’s mission: “Our mission is to help our clients achieve their ambitions within their organisations. Having said that, we pay special attention to understanding our clients’ needs and their plans.” This client-centricity helps NATEK to differentiate themselves from other IT consultancies, as they look to be, above all, flexible and accommodating to their client’s tech requirements. “Our strength lies in our flexibility. We can support our clients at all stages of the project, and we are able to create tailored solutions suiting their needs. Equally, we have been in this region for the past 15 years, and that certainly allows us to better understand industry trends, and future projections.” Finally, in his closing comments, Jean-Michel discusses NATEK’s future as it looks towards expansion into new markets. “We are planning to expand our trade offices to Western Europe and the US and work more closely with clients from Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.” It would be no overstatement to say that the modern age has been defined by swift technological development, with businesses Contact Details Company: Natek S.R.O. Address: Suché Myto 1, Bratislava 811 03, Slovakia Website: natek.eu Telephone: + 421901715709 NATEK’s CEO, Jean-Michel Namand

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