Central Europe Business Awards 2018

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Central Europe Business Awards , Flavon International Ltd./ GéSz Gaál és Sziklás Kft. Best Dietary Supplements Distributor 2018 Flavon company group distributes and manufactures a wide range of dietary supplements to clients around the world. Having recognised the firm in our prestigious Central European Business Awards for 2018 we profile it to explore the secrets behind its international success. CEN18005 Established in 1994 Flavon began life as a family business. The group’s first dietary supplement was introduced in 2004 and at the time its primary market was Hungary. Later, a higher demand rose in Poland and Slovakia, and over recent years Flavon’s presence on the Swedish, French, Bulgarian, Greek and UK-markets has also been strengthened. Today, Flavon products are available around the world, with the group supporting the distribution and providing the Contact Details Company: Flavon International Ltd./ GéSz Gaál és Sziklás Kft. Address: Debrecen, Veres Péter u. 19, 4033, Hungary Phone: +3652520520 Website: www.flavonmax.com necessary background with offices in many countries. Currently the group has a product line of 10 dietary supplements, which contain the physiologically beneficial ingredients of more than 40 different fruits and vegetables, thus they are at hand throughout the whole year. Another speciality of the group’s products is their gel consistency, providing good biological availability, high degree of absorption. Flavon company group uses only and exclusively materials having the largest nutritional values and that are free of chemical contaminations to ensure quality and safety for consumers, and among the group’s latest innovations is the inclusion of vital plant oils and spices in its products. As part of the group’s focus on quality, it operates its own manufacturing plant. This allows Flavon to constantly monitor the whole process of production: from the acquisition of ingredients through production, quality control and packaging to delivery, everything is in the group’s hands. By being independent; manufacturing and distributing its own products, Flavon is able to enjoy broad perspective and complete control. Ultimately, Flavon’s goal is to promote health conscious nutrition, so dietary supplementation may become true support to millions of people’s health. In order to achieve this, the group attempts be one step ahead its competitors by employing continuous product development, based on research undertaken in its own laboratory, as well as customer feedback. Looking ahead, innovation will remain central to the group’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future and continues to create unique solutions that meet its clients’ ever-evolving needs.

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