EU Business Awards 2018

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 EU Business Awards Best SME Business Consultancy 2018 - Bavaria Driven by ensuring efficient commercial structures, Hahnelt Consulting strengthens the competitiveness of its SME clients in the long term; from short-term individual measures to increase efficiency as well as long-term interim projects. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s EU Business Awards we profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. work experience at top-level addresses in small and medium- sized manufacturing, Hahnelt Consulting work alongside their clients to realise their goals alongside them. Together, the team work towards success for their clients, which in turn leads to success for Hahnelt Consulting. Due to this high production affinity, Hahnelt Consulting is very familiar with the success factors of production companies. Many years of best practice experience guarantee that its clients enjoy the benefit of the firm’s eye for the essentials of their corporate affairs. The firm’s projects differ in their scope in securing commercial functions, CFO services in post- merger activities at PE portfolio companies, increasing efficiency and operational realignment. The transitions are often fluid and change in the course of the project. Implementation takes place through interim management. Hahnelt Consulting’s focus on excellence drives the team to success. Specialist and management functions as a member of the board and shareholders, as well as awards as CFO Award for Excellence stand for international professionalism in finance, accounting, controlling, materials management, IT, supply chain and production planning. As a consultant and implementer, Hahnelt Consulting maintains the independence of third parties, especially when decisions are made about suppliers or other partners of the client. As such, the firm is completely objective, and its advice takes into account all opportunities and risks. Additionally, the team at Hahnelt Consulting only advise in fields in which they have proven competence or have gained competence, ensuring that they are always confident of their ability to support clients. As a result of this approach, Hahnelt Consulting is a business partner of private equity companies but also of independent SME companies. The firm’s vast team of interim managers is the perfect interface between the SMEs and the private equity world. Interim managers bring a treasury of experience from all sectors of industrial manufacturing: e.g. from automotive, construction, mechanical engineering to chemistry, renewable energies, and reprocessing. There are numerous applications for interim managers, who can bring a vast fortune of experience in specific business situations for private equity companies. Interim managers may be involved in all phases of a business cycle, such as business start-up, growth phase, stabilization, stagnation and working in a crisis and on its potential impact. In almost all these entrepreneurial phases, reorganizations, restructurings, realignments, mergers, splits, changes of shareholders, purchases and sales or partial Hahnelt Consulting was founded by Michael Hahnelt. As CFO in board and management positions, he brings 27 years of international operational experience, 17 of which from the process-oriented automotive supply industry. Today, thanks to his leadership, Hahnelt Consulting stands for qualified management consulting and interim management - from concept development to implementation. Driven by ensuring efficient commercial structures, the firm strengthens the competitiveness of its SME clients sustainably - from the short-term individual measures increasing efficiency through the long-term interim projects, e.g. the assumption of a mandate as managing director or CFO. After all, in the current business market, recognizing and implementing optimization approaches is one of the key competencies for increasing the value and competitiveness of medium-sized companies. In order to develop a company’s success that is clearly recognizable in just a few months, the practice-oriented view of numbers, facts and strategies is of key importance: the targeted, rapid realization of all necessary measures. With its expertise in finance, business processes and know-how gained from around 30 years of international , Nov18179 Hahnelt Consulting sales of companies lays a result. Due to their mostly international activities, interim managers speak several languages and are familiar with different cultures, which makes them so attractive to many companies. That is why the private equity firm often uses the right specialist for the company and its situation: reorganizer, M & A or post- merger integration (PMI) expert and generalist. The prerequisite for a successful implementation of the task in cooperation with the company, the PEG, its management team and the interim manager is a detailed analysis of the current company situation. Added to this, as an essential aspect of the “positive chemistry” between the participants. Using interim managers in these situations can support the participants in their projects and be a major success factor. Once the appropriate decision-makers have experienced a successful interim assignment, other tasks are often assigned to the interim manager in addition. The enormous treasure of experience of a carefully designed interim manager from Hahnelt Consulting can cover all management tasks of an organization and master challenges. Overall, Hahnelt Consulting manages projects in various branches of industry and penetrates deeply into every task, and this will remain the firm’s focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.