EU Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 EU Business Awards 19 , Water-On Best Water Treatment Technology Specialists 2018 Nov18091 Water-On is a revolutionary company that offers chemical free solutions for the treatment and water generation. We caught up with CEO and Founder Juan Suárez to find out more about the firmand the solutions it has to offer. key factor and that is where one of our key values. As a result of this flexibility, we specialize in customized solutions for a wide range of clients, including public Agencies, industrial clients and engineering firms; no project by big or complex that it is out of our reach. “Tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of our clients ensures that they receive the support and service they need from the moment they start working with us. From the technical support in its initial conception, to the start-up of the equipment and the training of the personnel associated with the maintenance and operation of our technological solutions. We are at our clients’ disposal throughout the project to help them choose the most convenient solution.” Looking to the future, Juan foresees an increasing focus on globalisation in his market, and, in his concluding comments, is keen to highlight his firm’s vast international presence. “In an increasingly globalized world where new technologies allow products and services to be offered to every corner of the planet without being physically at destination, Water-On has opted to combine this magnificent tool with physical representation on four continents. It is therefore one of our basic objectives, to adapt to the needs, idiosyncrasy and culture of each Region. Also providing our customers with a closer service and a quick response to advice and technical support needs on-site. “Ultimately, as Water-On has commercial offices and specialized technical support in Europe, America, Africa and Middle East, we are able to support clients around the world, and we look forward to providing them with the solutions they need to succeed over the years to come.” Thanks to a vast wealth of experience, Water-On offers its valued clients cutting-edge solutions that will help them to enjoy chemical free water treatment. Juan explores the firm’s solutions in more detail and explains how these allow the team to work on a wide variety of projects of all sizes. “Here at Water-On, the versatility of our technologies, their reliability, high efficiency and performance, all allow us to work in a wide spectrum of applications. Many of these applications have critical processes where reliability is a Contact Details Company: Water-On Name: Juan Suárez CEO & Founder Address: Avenida de Brasil, nº6 1º, 28020, Madrid - España Telephone Number: +34 911 333 255 Web Address: WECAREWATER n WATER 水 agua eau wasser ماء água 물 acqua воды aqua ®