EU Business Awards 2018

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 EU Business Awards IN Hotel Belgrade Joanneum Research - COREMED Best Multi-Sector Technology R&D Centre - Austria COREMED – Cooperative Centre for RegenerativeMedicine incorporates basic medical research, pre-clinical and clinical research and offers total interdisciplinary solutions in R&D services e.g. for the pharmaceutical andmed-tech industry. The centre works on the continuous improvement of medical care within the field of regenerative medicine in Austria and other countries, with the help of its innovation company JOANNEUMRESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. We profile both of these innovative organisations to find out more about the vital work they undertake. Oct18625 transfer and networking with a strong international focus on the following principles: • The research portfolio takes special account of the shareholders’ strategic aims and the resulting topics and requirements. • Top scientific quality and excellence provide the basis for corporate success and generate benefits for clients, funding providers, shareholders and the business location. Since it first began, COREMED has been engaged in medical research as well as related disciplines. COREMED has deliberately positioned itself as an interface between medicine and technology focusing mainly on the user’s point of view and society’s long- term benefit. Today, COREMED implements its corporate vision in close cooperation with partners from business, science and the public sector. It carries out its key tasks of innovation, knowledge • Constant evaluation and renewal of the research portfolio ensure the attractiveness of the research services offered and allow the company to respond to societal and technological developments and to integrate findings from basic research at an early stage. JOANNEUM RESEARCH, the centre’s innovation company, develops solutions and technologies for businesses and industries across a wide range of sectors and conducts top- level research at an international level. With a focus on applied research and technology development, the innovation company plays a key role in transfer of technology and know- how in South-East-Austria. The centre’s key focus is regenerative medicine, which is one of the fields within biomedicine with the strongest development dynamics and thus represents a hotspot in the field of medical research and development. Regenerative medicine deals with the restoration of dysfunctional cells, tissues or organs by stimulating the body’s own regenerative repair processes (induced auto-regeneration) or through biological replacement in the form of living cells or tissues specifically cultured in the laboratory (tissue engineering). The goal is always the same: to restore the healthy and functional original state of the affected tissue rather than merely replacing and repairing it temporarily. The motto of regenerative medicine is healing instead of just repairing. With respect to science and research, COREMED can rely on existing resources and cooperation due to its site at the Med Campus Graz. A strong local network of scientific and economic facilities and players in the field of life sciences exists at the site – first and foremost. Moreover, the centre relies on close cooperation with national and international partners and companies. This cooperative approach ensures that it remains at the forefront of emerging developments in the scientific community. Ultimately, COREMED fulfils its corporate mission and secures economic success by actively transferring expertise to the economy and marketing the technologies, processes and products developed. Currently, the centre is engaged in medical research as well as related disciplines. Its focus is currently on wound healing and anti-aging solutions, and looking ahead the centre and its innovation company will continue to adapt around the ever-evolving needs of the medical community to offer the innovations patients need. ,