EU Business Awards 2018

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 EU Business Awards SEP Best Backup & Disaster Recovery Software Provider 2018 SEP is an innovative vendor of backup and disaster recovery solutions for the protection of cross-platform, heterogeneous IT environments. Having recognised the firm in our prestigious EU Business News Awards, we felt it was about time that we invited Andreas Mayer to share an insight into the secrets behind the firm’s success. Oct18523 of supported systems as well as a complete array of stack systems. Our certifications ensure that databases and applications are backed up and restored consistently and in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. Take the backup of SAP environments as an example. It is essential to use an SAP- certified data backup solution in order to keep SAP support and to ensure that business-critical applications run smoothly and can be backed up and restored. Another very important argument in security discussions is the risk of security gaps in software. Our software is 100% “Made in Germany” with absolutely no back doors. Additionally, SEP sesam delivers also the technical safety for GDPR. “All of these factors are vital for our clients in today’s corporate environment. We support not only the market leaders but also less widespread and new technologies and, thus, help users to consistently protect and quickly restore their diverse IT environments. This is reflected in our comprehensive support matrix. In addition, we have launched for our dynamically growing solution a new product training series for our sales partners that regularly updates them. Our sales partner network is also being expanded further worldwide and supplemented on a solution-specific basis. We are also working to increase our visibility and market presence in order to be perceived as a competent solution provider on a much broader basis.” Since it first began in 1992, SEP has been developing enterprise data protection solutions. Today the firm has achieved incredible success and supports a wide range of clients. The firm’s flagship data backup solution, “SEP sesam,” protects a broad range of virtual environments, operating systems, applications and databases. Its universal support for complex environments strongly distinguishes SEP’s solution from those of its competitors. The firm has a close partnership with SAP and delivers certified backup and recovery capabilities for the complete SAP solution stack including SAP HANA on Intel and IBM Power platforms, including SAP Business One, SAP NetWeaver on various databases and SAP ASE. With SEP, consolidation of multiple backup systems to form a centrally administrable hybrid backup solution is made possible and business-critical data is always kept available to save time, capital, and operating costs. SEP offers solutions for on-premise and in the cloud and for service providers, who are running Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), based on the SEP sesam technology. Andreas explores the firm’s award-winning solutions in more detail and outlines how these benefit the firm’s valued clients. “Here at SEP, we offer our clients a comprehensive range Supporting such a vast array of clients, SEP has a strong understanding of their unique needs in today’s market. Andreas talks us through the current challenges his firm’s clients are facing and how SEP is working alongside them to overcome them. “Based on our experience, IT administrators worldwide are facing the same challenges. Topics such as IoT (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, AI (Artificial intelligence) and Big-Data are not only buzzwords. We feel their broad and their influence of the data storage and data security. This must be covered by a flexible and reliable data protection solution to ensure business continuity. Data and information are key for keeping the business alive. In Europe we see GDPR as a strong topic and the challenges for the IT to fulfil the regulations. Depending on the business GDPR has a worldwide relevance for all companies/organisations dealing with EU citizens. “Looking ahead, there will be backup and recovery solutions needed to support the data protection more granular and therefore easier to handle. This is especially important for a as fast and uncomplicated data recovery required. This is the only way SLAs can be ensured. Only in this way can SLAs also be guaranteed in times of big data. This can be essential for the survival of a company’s business. In addition, new hardware solutions with software intelligence on the market, must be considered with the individual backup strategy which is taken. Applications change, and new ones will be added at high speed. Administrators need the liberty to use these new technologies, so they should be able to rely on a flexible data backup, which will be able to cover these new requirements. As such, SEP will be continuing to work alongside our clients and adapt both our team and our solutions offering to meet their ever-evolving needs.” Ultimately, this focus on enhancing its already impressive offering will remain central to SEP’s approach over the years to come, as Andreas is proud to conclude. “Over the years to come, we are keen to adapt SEP sesam further to create a technologically leading and market-oriented solution. For example, we will be adding corresponding cloud solutions and compliance to its repertoire. Our virtualisation portfolio will be further expanded, including the consideration of the requirements of hosting providers. We continue to stand for a genuine hybrid backup- to reach optimal protection for virtual and physical worlds - on- premise and in the cloud. This happens on the basis of a very close cooperation with technology partners and other certifications. This means to our customers and to the customers of our service providers will know that, in the future, optimal investment protection and highest data availability will be guaranteed.” ,