European Enterprise Awards 2019

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Best Depilatory Products Company 2019 The world of beauty supply is one that demands constant study and innovation and for the last 14 years, this is exactly what Simple Use Beauty has done. Based in Greece, this leading manufacturer and exporter of depilatory products has gone from strength to strength. Now recognized by EU Business News for its award-winning approach, we take a closer look to find out more. Jan20015 formulas, it is no wonder that a Simple Use Beauty product is considered one of the top choices worldwide. As a European based company, the team must adhere to particular regulations that are not only well-respected but widely recognized all over the world. This fact not only gives European products a competitive advantage, but also guarantees their quality. Interestingly, the nature of the European Union, and European business market in general, is one of constant evolution and has recently tried to respect more human and environmental concerns by implementing strict regulations. While some businesses would baulk at this approach, the team at Simple Use Beauty see such changes as a positive move that reflects their values. As such, it has seen the positive side of welcoming such changes and adapting around them. Since its inception in 2004, Simple Use Beauty has prided itself on its ability to provide products on a global scale. The professional beauty supply industry is one that draws on a diverse array of products, and Simple Use Beauty manages to stock these with characteristically great quality and competitive pricing. What sets Simple Use Beauty apart from competitors is its ability not only to listen to what the beauty industry wants, but to understand how best to match these needs in a variety of territories. The flexibility and willingness of the company to adapt formulas to different demands of markets around the world brings an advantage competitively, while also bringing a closer connection with professionals. With products that incorporate flexible premium and superior In terms of depilatory products, the trend for waxing worldwide has seen further development of a beautician’s product, with new formulas that allow them to work into lower temperatures which are friendlier to human skin. Many beauticians do not follow the latest in technology and techniques, but for those who are interested in remaining informed and updated, Simple Use Beauty offer a complete and certified training program for professionals in the field worldwide. Directed by one of the best beauticians in the world, Olga Kurylovich, this course is of the utmost quality. With its extraordinary range of products, available in fifty-five countries around the world, the need for Simple Use Beauty to increase production capacity has become increasingly apparent. The challenge is, as always, to provide this extra capacity while also keeping the high standards that the business has already established. Similarly, anything that could alter the inimitable character of Simple Use Beauty is out of the question, with the focus determinedly remaining on a warm and professional approach as opposed to one of cold profits. In the future, plans continue to revolve around continuing to develop and market products of the highest quality. The motto of the company is “committed to the evolution of waxing and sugaring”, and this serves not only as a promise to customers, but a promise to the business at large to keep researching and producing new products in the name of evolving the products the company provides. The world of beauty is one of constant evolution that reflects changing technologies and changing needs in order to keep clients loyal and satisfied, while increasing their numbers too. It’s an approach that rewards a confident firm with an ear for the industry. Simple Use Beauty has a commitment to the world of beauty, and a desire to remain at the forefront. It’s because of this that the firm has achieved such incredible success, and will continue to do so in the future. Company: Simple Use Beauty Contact: George Georgiades Web: