European Enterprise Awards 2019

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Best B2B Hospitality Equipment Supplier 2019 - Greece Finding companies able to equip on a large scale is always challenging, especially when these products are designed to reflect high quality of hospitality. Selling directly to businesses, it’s no wonder that Vienoula’s has taken centre stage as one of the foremost providers of hospitality equipment in Greece. We profiled the company to find out more. Dec19048 planning, organization and implementation of any hospitality venture. With customers of this business demanding only the highest standards and requirements, this Greek operation must meet, and ideally exceed, this expectation. Importing 95% of its products, and acting as the representative of most factories, Vienoula’s is able to ensure that its manufacturers are first-class. Since becoming active in the field of mass catering, Vienoula’s has gained a great deal of expertise, the advantages of which it is able to transfer to its customers. A clear example of this is being able to draw on a diverse series of source of items. With porcelain and glass sourced from Germany, various items of furniture from Indonesia When it comes to equipping businesses with the highest quality hospitality equipment, ranging from serving trays to shakers, from paper napkins to pasta machines, the team at Vienoula’s always go above and beyond to provide customers with everything they need to guarantee the ultimate in hospitality. A wholesale import company, Vienoula’s wares are targeted specifically to be sold on a large scale. With customers in the forms of hotels, ships, restaurants, bars and everything to do with catering, it’s no surprise that the range of items on offer is virtually endless. The company’s objective is to be able to provide all the items necessary in the design, and linin from Pakistan and Egypt, Vienoula’s proves itself capable of not only providing the right items but searching tirelessly for the ideal location. It’s this way of working that sets Vienoula’s apart from a large market of mass catering providers. Its products, services and constant updating of customers of the latest in what is available for purchase not only keeping the firm at the forefront of a customer’s mind, but also taking advantage of every opportunity for sales. This dedication to exceptional customer service and quality products reflect a continuous effort to develop the company to its limits and beyond. Being based in Greece, and on a larger scale within Europe, has provided its own series of trials and tribulations. While the country is currently trying to recover from a decade of economic crisis, it has benefitted from strong tourism which has supported the businesses that use Vienoula’s services. This is a trade that has shown signs of improvement year on year. Similarly, its position within the European Union has placed a great deal of products and services at the company’s disposal. The opportunities presented by being a member of the European Union mean that in spite of its current crisis, it will recover quickly and be able to provide considerable advantage to Vienoula’s. A large amount of the success of the company can be traced back to the important agreements it has established with neighbouring European companies, and those from outside the Union. As the future approaches, the plan for Vienoula’s is to continue to develop new partnerships with organisations, while increasing the stock of goods to match this growing demand. The ideal situation would be this trade increasing to the level where a new branch could be established to match the Mykonos location. Providing an ideal service to catering businesses and to manufacturers, it’s hard to understate the importance of a wholesalers like Vienoula’s. Through diligence, determination and initiative, this company has weathered the tough times of the Greek economy, and is now in a position where it can expand its horizons. Company: Vienoula's Contact: Stergios Kouvatos Web Address: