European Enterprise Awards 2019

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Recognised Leader in Mental Health Training Services - Sweden When it comes tomind over matter, finding someone who can unlock true potential is a rare gift indeed. Karin Tydén has perfected the art, and through her eponymous business has been helping people around the world to achieve it. A new and pioneering approach tomental health training, this award is justly deserved. Join us as we take a closer look at this company and what it does that is so successful. Dec19450 most of the many opportunities available in life. Karin’s work is mainly one- on-one, because in her experience that is where the biggest changes happen. Single sessions are available, but for those who are dedicated to real change, a one-year mentorship and leadership training option is available where she is on retainer. In addition to these more personal options, Karin runs seminars for companies on how to take command over the brain within eight weeks. As people become more open to seeing a coach or therapist to find a better quality of life, the role of the internet has become increasingly important. It has allowed clients to find a solution that suits them, regardless of distance or time. Able to find work in over twenty-five countries, all over the world, it’s clear that Karin’s work is immensely popular. This is due in part to the incredible rapid results on a deep level. For business executives, it’s the speed and impact of her technique that keeps them coming back for more. This move towards an online business model is one that is Karin Tydén is a Mind Hacker and Life Strategist. The basis of her business lies in the quick understanding and ‘hacking’ of the mechanics behind a person’s subconscious patterns in order to create new and better strategies in life. Understanding is a sadly underrated skill but forms the core of Karin Tydén’s business model. While some therapists take a considerable amount of time to get results, the majority of Karin’s patients manage it in the first couple of sessions. Mind Hacking is the latest in coaching, hypnosis and mental training. This system helps people to understand the subconscious mind works and how they can step into their full potential with simple adjustments. This is important, since our subconscious and its programs is controlling 95% of our day and therefore most of our actions, positive or negative. If you can’t change something in your life, it is due to a contra productive program in the subconscious mind of the brain. Through this understanding, Karin’s clients are empowered to resolve blockages, release old and limiting beliefs and make the wholly supported by European programs and support networks. It has allowed Karin to make the most of the possibilities presented to her. As mentioned before, she is already working with a number of clients over Skype and Zoom, meaning that she can always be available to talk to when required. Firmly believing that to become a leader in the fourth industrial revolution will require a new type of leadership style, Karin’s methods are designed to encourage and develop this mentality within people. This new leadership model will build socially conscious leaders and companies, ones that integrate social efforts into core strategies. Going forward, Karin intends to peruse this approach further, with the proprietary coaching package Leadership #4.0, training managers on all levels to become conscious leaders. This attitude is actually reflected in Karin’s business plans for the future in other ventures. Recently published, her book “Mind Hacking for rebels - or for those who want to become one…” is designed to appeal to those who can’t afford or aren’t ready to hire a coach. This opportunity to learn smart and simple “mindhacks” is one that is readily available to people and will soon be translated into English to appeal to a wider audience. Karin’s intention is to write more books, guiding people to find their own potential as well as training coaches and therapists in the art of mind hacking to further its influence. The world of mental health has received an increasing amount of focus in the last few years, with more people being made aware of the impact it can have on an individual. The appeal of someone like Karin, therefore, is the innovative way she looks at a fascinating new field. Not looking to fix individuals, her aim is to train better leaders so they can lead better lives. With a socially minded mentality at the heart of her thinking, it’s clear that this can only lead to a better world. Company: Karin Tydén Contact: Karin Tydén Web: