European Enterprise Awards 2019

24 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , The Phone Planet Best Technology Services Provider & Wholesaler - Spain Providing excellent technological services that meet the demands of the modern customer is no easy feat. Always ready to give assistance, The Phone Planet has proven itself an exceptional provider of products and services, dealing in the latest in technological developments. In the light of its award-winning success here at EU Business News, we take a closer look at this Spanish firm to find out more. Jan20193 approaches in order to provide a united customer experience. In the case of The Phone Planet, this has meant ensuring that development of physical stores is matched by the use of websites and social networks to advertise to customers. A commitment to the Omnichannel is essential to remaining relevant in a diverse and evolving marketplace. It stands alongside the company’s commitment to interactivity with customers from anywhere in Europe, or indeed the world at large. This approach has allowed The Phone Planet to sell products not only in Spain, but export throughout Europe and South America. The business’s placement in Spain is one that has positioned it in the centre of the world, In over 25 years of experience, The Phone Planet has seen a huge upheaval in the way that the world interacts with technology. From the humble flip phone to the latest in smart devices, this company has ensured that over 10,000 satisfied customers have been able to continue using technology to the best of its ability. The team at The Phone Planet provide the best in sales, repair and configuration of electronic devices. More than just a shop, this business is custom- designed to meet the specific needs of the world today. This is achieved through a focus on the Omnichannel, a cross- channel content strategy that unifies physical and digital allowing products to be offered wherever they are needed. As the way in which people buy is constantly changing, reinventing itself day by day, this has greatly affected how companies in Europe operate and The Phone Planet has taken great care in curating a way of working that is thoroughly modern, combining the physical store and online sales to make something that appeals across all sectors. One of the main objectives of The Phone Planet lies beyond the Omnichannel approach, as the team aims to provide the best possible after-sales service elevating the company above and beyond competitors. As this is a service which does not become essential until things go wrong, being equipped to handle disastrous circumstances with ease builds trust with clients. With internet selling, the business of support is incredibly direct, and this organization works to maintain all the lines of communication, such as telephone, WhatsApp, email and Skype to meet the needs of a varied customer base. The future for The Phone Planet looks bright as the world enters a new, thoroughly global era of technology. As a result, the main intention of any plans drawn up by the business are designed to improve the experience for clients. This is an approach that means working out new methods to shorten delivery times, seeking new collaborations for after-sales service and offering appropriate technological products to each country, on the principle that one size does not fit all. This drive towards new methods and ways of thinking for clients is built into the company’s fabric, with new roles being filled to work imaginatively to research and develop new ways of improving the process to reach the full satisfaction of customers. Needless to say, this way of thinking has seen the company move from strength to strength against a changing landscape. The Phone Planet commits to connection with customers, inviting them to engage on a number of platforms. Making itself easily accessible is one of the major reasons that the firm has been able to not only build such a high reputation but maintain it as new challenges arise in every aspect of operation. A keenness to adapt and try new ways of thinking ensure that it always remains at the forefront of technological developments and business prowess, and it is this that will see this 25 year old business keep going for another 25 years. Company: The Phone Planet Contact: Francisco José Lucerón Palomino Web: