European Enterprise Awards 2019

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Best Fragrance Solutions Provider 2019 - Greece The popularity of sweet-smelling fragrances dates back to some of the most famous periods in the world’s history. The ancient Greeks, in particular, loved to use fragrant oils and incenses for amyriad of purposes. Carrying on that noble tradition today is Guru Aromas, a superb Greek firm specializing in aromatization, insect repellent, and bathroomhygiene. We profile the firm to learnmore about its award-winning success in EU Business News. Dec19209 of Europe’s largest fragrance companies. The security that these partnerships offered has since allowed Guru Aromas to become a recognizable brand name across Greece and the entirety of the Balkans. Offering three core products, Guru Aromas is widely known for its air fresheners, restroom hygienic products, and insect repellent. Firstly, the air fresheners can add a unique sense of smell to any workplace. Varying in size, the Digital Ultimate Aero covers small and medium-sized areas through spraying the firm’s fragrances using an electronic timer, whilst the Digital Fragrance Diffuser vaporizes essential oils to cover very large areas. The disinfection and restroom cleanliness products are designed to fit inside a flushing cistern to help ensure maximum hygiene is maintained with every use. Covering all WC types, the digital sanitizer dispensers are the perfect way to maintain a sweet-smelling restroom for any customer. Fragrances are far more than simply sweet-smelling scents. The sense of smell is perhaps most closely-linked to memory, and the right fragrance can create a powerfully unique code of communication between a business and its customers. Customers can experience a sense of familiarity through smell, and businesses can use the power of fragrance to drive up business and increase customer retention rates. Through an organized team of colleagues and representatives all over Greece and the Balkans, Guru Aromas is innovating the world of fragrance and hygiene like never before seen in the region. Guru Aromas was founded in Athens, 2008, during the height of the economic and political instability that dominated the region. However, rather than let the crises strangle this new business opportunity, the team came together in strength and corporate wisdom to establish long-term partnerships with some As leaders in the fragrance market, there is a necessity for Guru Aromas to continue their innovation to remain at the forefront. 2020 will see an updated aroma diffuser system, capable of covering areas up to 5000 square metres using a brand new compression system technology. Speaking of technology, the firm is also developing a smart app that uses Bluetooth technology to control aroma dispensers from a distance. The app will also show the status of the implemented aroma, the battery life remaining, and when the next refill will have to take place. Made up of four key areas of fragrance, the firm’s ability to evoke emotion whilst delivering an outstanding product is second to none in the industry. Realistic fragrances include many fresh scents, such as peaches, mangoes, coconut, and fresh coffee, whilst the Memories collection includes the likes of caramel, bubble gum, cookie, and cinnamon. For the more ethereal scents, the Refreshing collection includes the likes of energy, mystery, and escape, whilst the Passion fragrances induce feelings of secrecy, desire, and relaxation. Being a European member has proven to be a strong choice for Guru Aromas, as the firm has continued to capitalise on the many advantages its location offers. Transporting without extra customs costs is a massive bonus, ensuring that the firm has the ability to explore new business dimensions without compromising on the ones that already exist. Alongside this, the Euro enables companies in every European country to be safe when trading by removing the need for foreign exchange. What was once viewed almost exclusively as a luxury has since become a valued addition to many businesses. Fragrances are one of the most basic tools that businesses, companies, and organizations alike can use, encouraging customers to connect with a product or area. Scents can help stimulate memories and affect feelings, both of which can determine moods and reactions. Far more than a sweet smell, the perfect fragrance from Guru Aromas can change a business. Company: Guru Aromas Contact: Dimitrios Tegogiannis Web: