European Enterprise Awards 2019

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Best Water Heating & Cooling Systems Designer / Supplier 2019 Finding a water heating and cooling solution isn’t as simple of picking a boiler off the shelf. There are a surprising amount of variations and it pays to find the right method for each individual situation. This is where Versol Ltd. come in, providing a turnkey solution to each and every need of a client in a practical, yet versatile way. With no problem too challenging for this impressive company, we take a closer look to find out why. Nov19515 other aspects of the business. This includes procedures on about administrative, financial and support functions of the business. As an international concern, with production facilities spreading the length and breadth of Europe, maintaining consistent standard is especially important. That said, the benefits of manufacturing in the UK, Italy and Poland, the benefits of the region give Versol an extra degree of kudos over other suppliers. It is a presence that has an impact globally. While every single one of Versol’s products are designed and manufactured in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and British Standards (BS) standards, the company is happy to work to the specifications of other regions. For example, a recent Italian client has had a product made to ASME regulations to suit the standards there. Working in the business of boilers, Versol have developed many different types of standard boilers for use in multiple situations. Each is guaranteed to be exceptional, capable of handling anything that is required of it. The high quality of Versol specialises in the provision of Water Heating & Cooling solutions. Specialists in the design and installation of HVAC services, the team Versol are fully equipped to handle any challenge set, and the expertise to provide a total solution for their clients offering items like Storage Calorifiers, Boilers and Solar Panels. With a collective experience of over 35 years in the business, the team at Versol have an intricate knowledge of the HVAC industry. This experience allows for high-quality, efficient and economically minded customer service. Flexibility is built into the core of the business, with the client involved from initial design stages all the way through to final installation to ensure that the project is up to standard. Versol is naturally committed to excellent customer satisfaction, placing them at the centre of the business model. This commitment is underpinned by the company’s external accreditation to IOS 9001:2000. A carefully designed quality management system ensures that specific objectives, goals and procedures are incorporated into the various the boilers can be traced back to the benefits of Versol’s turnkey solutions. Instead of sourcing parts from many locations, everything that a customer needs can be found in one place, with the ability for changes to be made easily organised at the same time. Being able to focus on one contact makes things easier for businesses too, saving them time and money. In addition to boilers, the firm have a fine selection of alternative heating systems, which include solar water heating systems and air source heat pumps. Versol’s quality solar water heating system was designed based on the requirement to ensure maximum absorption solar energy. Alternatively, Versol and the Steam Specialised team offer turnkey solution for the Steam System, which can include steam boiler selection, selection of steam accessories, steam trapping, steam distribution, steam heater water generation, steam distribution and also networking for laundry or kitchen applications. As the world moves towards a more environmentally minded future, the appeal of Versol’s incredibly efficient boilers is clear. By managing its own activities in an environmentally considerate way, it not only bolsters the position of the company, but offers support to other organisations. As an ISO 14001 company, Versol have sought out external verification to