European Enterprise Awards 2019

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Best Foreign Patient Administration Support Company - Portugal With over six years of experience, Qualihealth operates with a single purpose: to give our patients a PremiumAssistance when they seek for medical care in Portugal. Having been recently recognised by EU Business News as the Best Foreign Patient Administration Support Company in Portugal, we took a closer look at the firm to discover more about the award- winning services they consistently provide. Dec19020 As such, regardless of what service an individual may need, Qualihealth Portugal will be able to provide it, whilst aiming to keep the patient’s journey throughout the medical process as simple and efficient as possible, supporting them each step of the way. Throughout the years, Qualihealth Portugal have been recognised numerous times for their dedication, personalised service and hard-work. The firm attribute their success to being one of the only companies in Portugal that focuses exclusively on foreign patients. Qualihealth Portugal are responsible for the International Medical Department at all Hospitals Since their inception, Qualihealth Portugal have worked alongside countless private facilities across Portugal, constantly searching for the most effective ways to offer clients the assistance and comfort that they need, and deserve, whenever medical assistance abroad is required. Today, the firm provides clients with a vast selection of services, which range from a simple emergency medical appointment to pioneer minimal invasive medical interventions, such as Prostate Embolization Uterine Fibroids Embolization or the Apollo Method intervention. and Clinics that they work with and is one of the ways in which they stand out amongst competitors. Each patient has professional managing, guidance and assistance in every single detail of the medical case, which allows the firm to provide a personalised experience for each individual , according to their own needs. A unique service that very few players in the market today are able to offer patients. As for the individuals delivering this service, the professionals at Qualihealth Portugal were carefully selected by their academic experience. The selection process goes consists of going through an intensive three months training programme, in which both personal behaviour and technical expertise is assessed. One of the most important indicators of the evaluation is the clients’ feedback. Having selected the most exquisite medical staff, Qualihealth Portugal are prepared to offer the most complete service for those seeking medical attendance 24/7. Overall, the team are fully committed in searching for the best options available for patients, harmonising ethics with innovation, whilst looking out for their main purpose: patients wellbeing. From the very beginning, Qualihealth Portugal has always been available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, prepared to assist and provide medical care for all their clients, a factor they will continue with in the years to come. As their slogan claims, Qualihealth Portugal cares about you. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Qualihealth Portugal will continue to maintain their strategy and remain thriving within the dynamic market, assisting and helping more clients in the years to come. Ultimately, Qualihealth Portugal is growing and 2020 is set to be a good year for the firm. Company: Qualihealth Portugal Address: Rua Sampaio Bruno 71, R/C Dto, 1350-282 Lisboa, Portugal Telephone: + 351 223216161 Web: We care about you