European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 15 , Best Organic Fertiliser Producer - Vilnius Based in Lithuania and founded in 2011, the mission of Biodinamika UAB is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Lithuanian and international agricultural scene by producing and supplying high quality organic fertilizers. For farmers and agricultural companies alike, the presence of fertilizer is key to their success. Discover how Biodinamika is making a difference to these clients all over Lithuania and the wider European continent. Dec20135 S i n c e 2011 , B i o d i n a m i k a has pursued the production and supply of high quality organic fertilizers to famers and agricultural companies across the entirety of Lithuania and its surrounding European neighbours. The way in which the firm produces this quality fertilizer that it organic is through the use of processed beef cattle manure. The main raw material for production is beef cattle manure compost, but other raw materials include leonardites and sapropels. Biodinamika produces both granular and liquid organic fertilizer from bovine manure compost thanks to the advanced beef cattle litter manure composting and organic fertilizer production technologies that have emerged in recent years. Due to these innovative technologies always emerging and evolving, Biodinamika’s organic fertilizer was confirmed as suitable for organic farming in accordance with all the necessary various regulations and rules in Europe and Lithuania specifically. The company’s products allow farmers and agricultural organisations to address one of the main issues related to the major problem of crop farming in these times: soil degradation. Long-term research has shown that organic farming systems are significantly more advanced and more stable than intensive farming, according to nearly all soil fertility parameters. However, despite the latest scientific advice, there remains an abundance of mineral fertilizers and pesticides that inevitably lead to the degradation of much of the soil that Lithuania has for its farmers and agricultural organisations. The vast majority of farms grow crops using the mineral fertilizers and pesticides, and that leads to massive deterioration of the soil available to farmers. Again, as a direct result of using these harmful chemicals, the target yields increase the necessity for fertilizers and pesticides. With the help of Biodinamika products and advice on their correct usage, farmers and agricultural organisations can be a part of the solution that sees soil degradation significantly slow down and completely stop in many cases. For the last seven years, that is exactly what Biodinamika has been focusing on: offering advice and products to clients who need help addressing their soil degradation or simply want to use sustainable and environmentally-friendly products in their farming processes. Since 2014, the company has adopted the production technology of fertilizer and experience from the meat processing farm of Agrolinija, and continues to develop the manufacture technology of organic fertilizer from the compost of litter beef cattle supplied by this farm. Just five years ago in 2016, the firm invested almost one million Euro into a new fertilizer manufacturing facility in Pypliai village. As part of this new facility, the firm is able to make full use of highly efficient drying and granulation equipment, as well as various new innovative technologies and pieces of equipment that are used in the production of liquid fertilizer. Today, using sustainable products and technologies is just a small way that Biodinamika is doing the very best it can for its clients, and for the planet as well. Its service has earned the firm success, and the stage is set for this Lithuanian firm to go on and achieve bigger and better things for farmers and agricultural organisations across Europe. Company: Biodinamika UAB Director Arturas Vasiljevas Email: [email protected] Sales Manager Mantas Kriukelis Tel. :+370 615 99950 Email: [email protected] Website: