European Enterprise Award 2020

24 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best IT Business Environment Development NGO 2020 Verymuch the SiliconValley area of theUkraine, Kharkiv is a city of boundless opportunity. Historically, the city has been considered the capital of technical education in the country, combining the best choice of IT universities and schools withworld-famous IT companies and a favourable environment for the development of IT. Today, as part of the European Enterprise Awards 2020, we take a closer look at Kharkiv IT Cluster, anNGO that has been crowned the Best IT Business Environment Development NGS 2020. Discovermore about this firm’s success as we highlight what it has to offer. Dec20238 Kharkiv IT Cluster is a public, non- profit, and ideas- based organization t h a t b r i n g s together leading IT companies, representatives of the education sector, and local authorities in a bid to develop a thriving environment for the technological business of the Kharkiv region. Sheer numbers alone show the excellence and extent of Kharkiv IT Cluster’s outstanding success. It currently has more than 120 participants, leading IT companies, and partners, and has worked with almost a hundred schools, colleges, and universities on various educational projects. As of 2020, the NGO has more than thirty thousand followers on social media, three million views on social media, more than thirteen educational projects and initiatives implemented, and forty five companies that have joined the educational initiatives. If 2020 was a great year for Kharkiv IT Cluster, 2021 is set to be even bigger and better than before. The firm operates in five main directions, including Education & Human capital development, regional and international PR & Marketing, IT Community & Values, Legal Support, and Infrastructure. Each facet of the business does something unique for clients and customers alike, and works to bolster the IT development of Kharkiv. Developing technical education in the region is one of the main and essential goals of Kharkiv IT Cluster, and every year, the NGO makes a huge impact on technical education development. It works to implement many educational projects for school children, applicants, and students, where they are given the latest knowledge of future IT specialists, and an introduction to the real world of professions in IT. Speakers from companies such as ArtJoker, Cloud Works, CodeIT, Intellias, CHI Software, Telesens, and NIX have participated and given their time for the educational projects put on by Kharkiv IT Cluster. The PR Community is also just as important as securing the next generation of IT specialists. In 2020, Kharkiv IT Cluster opened a seasoned of closed PR community meetups for its members. These meetups also include webinars for specialists from IT companies, and gives them a space to exchange knowledge, experiences, and contacts within the industry. Thanks to the work of the community that Kharkiv IT Cluster has created, individuals can gain new knowledge in the field of IT PR, learn about the formation of corporate culture, CSR, and new trends, as well as exchange ideas and cases with colleagues and ask questions on topics that interest them. In fact, the meetups of the community were so successful that it inspired many other companies, organizations, and associations to create their own PR communities. Now, Kharkiv IT Cluster is launching its own HR Community and IT Sales Community within the world of IT development. Alongside its partners and members, the Kharkiv IT Cluster together created the first unique network consisting of PR, HR, and marketing specialists in the IT area of Ukraine. Ultimately, the work of Kharkiv IT Cluster is imperative in maintaining the region of Kharkiv as a technological hub in Ukraine. Every year, the NGO conducts a large-scale study of the regional IT market, to study the dynamics of the industry development, highlight the key growth areas, and confirm the positioning of Kharkiv as a key IT location in the country. In 2020, the pandemic may have suspended the work of Kharkiv IT Cluster’s research, but 2021 will see the resurgence of that research. Having earned this latest success, the firm is now positioned to on and achieve bigger and better things in the world of technical education and development across the Ukraine, and make Kharkiv a hub of great things yet to come. Company: Kharkiv IT Cluster Contact: Ksenia Gornar Website: