European Enterprise Award 2020

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best Construction & Maintenance Company 2020 - North West England & Distinction Award for Fire Management Services 2020 As per its mission statement, the work of LCMGroup is focused on providing each and every one of its clients with exceptional levels of service in the construction and maintenance of buildings across the UK. In achieving this mission every time it works with a client, LCMGroup has been able to build up solid, long-lasting, and collaborative relationships over the years, as well as no small amount of success. Join us as we find out more about what the firm has to offer. Nov20716 Located in the North West of England in the United Kingdom, LCM Group is a business whose focus includes the design, building, and maintenance of commercial properties and complexes across the region. The foundations of LCM Group date back more than half a century, and it has maintained long-standing and strategic relationships with many high-profile companies that operate across the North of England. With industrial hubs such as Manchester and Liverpool being in the North, there is plenty of opportunities for success for LCM Group to achieve. The firm’s streamlined operations deliver innovative solutions for clients by working closely with all stakeholders, using the safest working practices alongside tried and tested managerial strategies. Value is assured through technical excellence along with an unwavering commitment to service of the highest quality and calibre. That delivery commitment and programme certainty are reinforced by a strong project management team; one that boasts a depth of knowledge and experience, and one that constantly reviews performance levels and working practices. The company ethic at LCM Group is one of achievement, especially in the areas of health, environmental awareness, and sustainability. LCM Group is fully accredited to ISO 9001: 2016, ISO14001: 2004, Environmental Management and OHSAS 45001: Safe contractor, FIRAS, FDIS, 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. From an operation standpoint also, the firm operates with Integrated Management Systems, which is subject to a focus of continuous improvement. Many organisations that LCM Group works with are required to manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Managing these projects can place huge demands on project teams, resulting additional downtime and cost. For this reason, LCM Group decided to develop the range of services offered to clients. As a result, select companies and clients can each have access to services that address their specific and specialist fields and focuses. In leveraging skills and expertise this way, LCM Group is perfectly positioned in the industry to meet every client’s needs across the full spectrum of services and activities. This means that clients have a single point of contact at all times, one invoice, and a far more efficient end- to-end process. Just some of the principle specialist trading companies within the LCM Group include Eco Sol, Evolve, GB Engineering, and SMS, which are involved in environmentally-responsible electrical lighting and heating solutions, fire and security, roller shutters and security, and steel fabrication respectively. Of course, the world has not been the same since the emergence and arrival of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom and across the wider world. LCM Group is all too aware that the post-pandemic commercial property world will look fundamentally different to the pre-pandemic commercial property world. No one can predict exactly what the changes will be, but everyone agrees that change will be rapid and extensive. It could be that the industry will conceivably witness ten years of change within just twelve months. However, LCM Group remains very optimistic regarding the future of the industry and of its own business. A great many of the companies that the firm works with will look to reorientate their property portfolios, and the firm expects that this together with new legislative changes will result in a very busy 2021. Additionally, due to the diverse nature of the specialists divisions at LCM Group, the firm is able to reorientate its own business to meet whatever