European Enterprise Award 2020

42 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best Web Design Company - Surrey Theworld is an increasingly digital place, spurred on in part by the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. Businesses have had to cement their presence onlinewith outstandingwebsites, but setting one up can be tricky for those that have never done it before. That is where Surrey WebDesigns comes in. Spearheaded byDavidWright, SurreyWebDesigns is a firmborn out of a passion for creating outstandingwebsites that help clients achieve better business.We at EUBusiness News recently had the privilege of speakingwithDavid to learnmore about the business, andwhat it has to offer clients. Dec20174 Upon speaking with David from Surrey Web Designs, one thing is immediately clear; there is passion aplenty for the world of web design. Prior to founding the firm, David and his best friend got into HTML and CMS by creating what would eventually become the largest military vehicle encyclopaedia online. As the brand grew to more than half a million hits per month, David knew that website creation and web design was a passion that he wanted to carry with him into a professional career. Fast forward several years to 2021, and Surrey Web Designs has been awarded the title of Best Web Design Company – Surrey in the European Enterprise Awards from EU Business News. Based in Weybridge, Surrey Web Designs offers a complete online solution for clients from all manner of industries. Whether they be military vehicle sales companies, or boutique hairdressers, clients of Surrey Web Designs come from a myriad of industries and backgrounds. What doesn’t change, however, is the commitment from the firm to do the absolute best it possibly can in ensuring that the client gets a top quality website that features everything they could possibly need. Creating mobile-friendly websites that are built from scratch is no easy feat, but Surrey Web Designs ensures that its clients get only the best and most bespoke websites. When clients work with the firm, they can rely on innovative creation and reliable hosting of the website in question, with subsequently added security measures, linkbacks, and so much more. However, rather than simply leave the clients with a finished product, Surrey Web Designs ensures that it also monitors websites, all while identifying where they might be lacking, how keyword research can help, and what competitors are doing. This complete service results in many of firms making it onto the first page of a Google search result. Whilst David and his team cannot guarantee that every client will be on page one, they can promise to offer the same level of dedication and effort that saw David’s military vehicle encyclopaedia and every other client get to page one. Working in such a fast-moving and rapid industry requires great flexibility and adaptability on the part of Surrey Web Designs. Through continuous weekly audits that show where a website is working and where it could be improved, the firm is able to stay on top of new design features, including widgets and others that are staples of WordPress and other content management systems. Staying ahead of these new features is important because these potential changes can seriously help a client’s website develop and get noticed. Getting noticed is particularly important, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Though the virus may have adversely affected many businesses, it has meant a great influx of business for Surrey Web Designs. Many of the customers’ websites have needed updating with the latest information about COVID-19 policies and such, so it has been a blessing for clients to know that they can get in contact with David’s team and know that things will be handled in a swift manner. What stands Surrey Web Designs apart is that it crucially understands now is a very difficult time for businesses, and has therefore declined to charge for putting updated COVID-19 information on a website. The firm has also held off from charging clients their annual hosting fees for websites, allowing them to get up and running in this new way of doing business before taking payment. Ultimately, David’s team at Surrey Web Designs draws from the passion of its leader. David himself has long been invested in web design, and is now in a place where he can forge meaningful and personal connections and understandings between himself and his clients. At a time where more and more businesses are choosing to go digital, having a strong online presence is a must. Having a strong online presence from Surrey Web Designs is tantamount to success. Company: Surrey Web Designs Contact: David Wright Website: