European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 7 , Best HR Start-Up – Poland Sedulus Sp z o.o. has been operating on the HRmarket since 2015, dealing with the comprehensive recruitment and selection of employees willing to work abroad. Dec20568 For all employment positions outside Po l and , bo t h temporary and p e r m a n e n t , particularly based in Germany, Sedulus can help. Be it a mechanic, warehouseman or welder, the firm can help candidates find the right job for them. There are also positions for those with higher education qualifications, who may be knowledgeable in electronics, mechanics or IT. As a thriving recruitment agency, Sedulus is able to set people up in positions within Germany almost immediately, and also has interesting propositions for couples who wish to relocate and work in the country. Sedulus can assist in helping with relocation too, searching for accommodation that is close to the new role, helping people settle in to a new country and providing insurance options. There are also opportunities for candidates to improve their German language skills! Managing Director, Oliwer Mikus, tells us more about the firm and its area of expertise. “Through everyday cooperation with clients, we were able to meet the requirements and expectations of our partners,” he enthuses. “Our service very efficiently optimizes the selection of employees, thanks to which it does not cause disruptions in the operation of enterprises caused by staff shortages.” The main goal of the employment agency’s activities is to combine the employer’s needs with the requirements of employees seeking a satisfactory job abroad. To date, it has achieved a number of goals that it set itself on the beginning of the recruitment path. Being based in Europe, and Poland in particular, is hugely advantageous for Sedulus. This is due to the many choices available for candidates, with a stable pricing structure for both consumer and citizens and more integrated financial markets, this in turn promotes improved economic stability and growth. There is also a much greater security and more opportunities for businesses and markets in the EU. In order to distinguish itself from competitors operating in the same space, Oliwer further explains that there are things Sedulus can offer that others cannot, namely a wide range of offers from professionals; a short turnaround time; a large number of qualified specialists working in each sector; and continuous development of the company. “During our activity, thanks to the ability to provide the best solutions at all organizational levels, we have gained the recognition of our clients,” he states. It is not, however, purely down to the firm’s offering that makes it so successful and Oliwer continues to tell us that the dedicated staff base at Sedulus are an asset to the company. With regards to the future, it is very much business as usual for Sedulus and there are plans to continue to recruit high potentials for clients, as well as launching a new project which provides 24-hour domestic care for senior and elderly people. Company: Sedulus Sp. z o.o. Contact: Oliwer Mikus Website: Tel: +48 608 554 697