European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 13 , day one. I believe in all the opportunities the country is providing. Of course, many things have changed since Brexit, but I believe that can only be for good. The country is doing great, the economics seems so stable, and the pest control industry hasn’t been shaken at all, so we are expecting significant growth in revenue in the next few years.” AccuRat is now looking towards the future, having recently started a franchising project for interested companies and individuals. Ignat said, “We believe that we can achieve our main goal – to provide our services nationwide, and then who knows – maybe even in other countries.” Company: AccuRat Pest Solutions Ltd Contact: Ignat Charakchiev Email: [email protected] Website: Nov21576 Best Pest Management Company 2021 - London AccuRat Pest Solutions Ltd is a professional pest control company, mainly servicing all London boroughs, and having recently extended to surrounding areas with aims to conquer the Kent area. It offers all common pest control services along with specialised services such as heat treatments, industry-grade CCTV drain surveys, patch lining, and even repair works as part of NADCmembership. AccuRat Pest Solutions Ltd was founded by Ignat Charakchiev after desperation to help his girlfriend at the time, but he quickly got thrilled by how big and boundless the pest industry is. Since then, the company has gone a long way and has huge ambitions to become a reputable nationwide company. This is with a friendly team who always have smiles on their faces, are constantly striving to improve, and have a thirst for delivering high- quality service to ever customers. The pest control industry is growing fast and as Ignat describes it, it is becoming “more and more professional-oriented rather than non-certified individuals laying pesticides everywhere.” People are seeking a more professional and innovative approach for long-term solutions, as pests are adapting fast, especially within a highly populated environment. Ignat said, “I personally believe that within years, our niche will be even more recognised, desirable and worthy. “Unfortunately, COVID only helped the pest infections spread even further. All closed restaurants, all people locked in their homes, all the food bought and stored with no reason. This changed the pests’ behaviour which gave us the opportunity to help more and more happy customers, while following COVID guidelines.” Alongside this, the company has unfortunately found the competition within the industry to be huge, and it has therefore been really difficult to gain traction and become a recognised brand. Luckily, Ignat and his team’s devotion is paying them back and the company can see happy return customers on a daily basis. Many new commercial clients have contacted the company because of the industry leading associations it is involved with, and of course there are recommendations from its past and current customers for reactive and proactive pest control, which are a key factor for potential customers to consider when choosing a reputable provider. Ignat goes on to tell us about the current situation for AccuRat. “I’ve loved the UK since