European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 15 , between people with different visions lead to unthinkable solutions. The team has the ambition to automatically recognise any type of existing document and create a platform that can be used by everyone to automate the exchange of information. Currently, the company is already doing this vertically, for example in the insurance sector or bank sector, but it would like to extend to all sectors. 4Service’s tools are helping the world’s transition to digital, with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating this occurring change. Fortunately, COVID-19 only had a positive impact on the company, and digitising wasn’t a concern as it already had smart ways of working in place. Ultimately, even in moments of important change, it’s the people that always make the difference. As said by company founder and CEO, Andrea Parenzan, “It is the team that wins.” Company: 4Service Solution S.r.l. Contact: Andrea Parenzan Email: [email protected] Website: Nov21486 Best Document Processing Software Company - Italy 4Service Solution is a software company that develops and implements solutions for the massive management of electronic documents, documents dematerialisation, and processes dematerialisation. 4Service stems from extensive experience within the documental services sector. Over the past few years, it has diversified its offering by creating several divisions specialised in artificial intelligence, document composition, and development and implementation of web solutions that are oriented to customer help, trading and ecommerce. A leader in the business of document capture and recognition solutions, 4Service offers its specific expertise and professionalism to provide its customers with consultancy, business processes automation solutions and services. These customers are divided into document service centres and large companies such as banks, insurance companies, and companies from various sectors. 4Service’s mission is to generate a competitive advantage with solutions for the optimisation of digital processes, supported by a foundation of honesty, transparency and reliability – core values that have never changed and go hand in hand with a family-like atmosphere among the team, which is still growing. After more than 20 years within the sector, 4Service has designed a comprehensive and innovative document management system with high performance and efficiency which enables much shorter start-up times. The platform is composed of independent modules – each of them is dedicated to specific functions to manage all paper or digital document lifecycle phases, from its entrance until its release towards the digital storing, publishing or dispatching. It is the company’s ability to maintain a good lasting relationship with the customer that makes it stand out from the rest. It is always striving to provide the best advice and the highest quality service. Its corporate vision is based on people – ideas come from people, and internal processes and internal or customer relationships involve all people. Ideas arise from comparisons between people. In a highly technical environment, interactions