European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 19 , communications. However, the company has seen a rise in prospective candidates due to the rise of economic instability and job losses. Henceforth, five14 GmbH has increased its focus on individuals, following them through their careers and not just one job. As the company continues to progress, five14 GmbH plans to continue learning. New topics, channels, tools are appearing each day, and therefore the company endeavours to stay innovative and willing to develop. The company is currently working in a partnership with Scan.Up AG in order to meet the increase in demand for HR diagnostics. Contact: Harald R. Fortmann Company: five14 GmbH Web Address: Nov21256 Best Executive Search Consultancy - Northern Germany Built to support the newworking environment, five14 GmbH is an executive search consultancy that is changing the face of the Germanmarket. The award-winning company is flooded with years of experience across numerous sectors, and its devoted team consistently strives to learn and expand their knowledge. Indeed, five14 GmbH is a company that never ceases to evolve and develop, which has therefore pushed it ahead of its competition. Founded by Harald R. Fortmann, Daniela Conrad, and Christine Sänger, five14 GmbH is an executive search consultancy designed for the new world of work. Home to an award-winning team of consultants, the company is filled with decades of combined operational experience in marketing, sales and business management in the digital industry. In addition, its team have spent the last few years successfully working in the market as recruitment consultants for digital professionals and executives for start-ups, medium-sized businesses and corporations. Therefore, it can be expected that five14 GmbH provide nothing short of a quality service as it supports companies in their digital transformations. Operating as a dynamic team, the company prioritises its staff, encouraging them to work effectively in order to achieve a common goal. The team stands together – operating harmoniously, and, in turn, they share the work, the fun, and the profit. Each employee brings something new to the table, introducing their own experiences in order to enhance five14 GmbH’s mission. Simply, five14 GmbH functions under the notion of ‘one for all, all for one.’ There was a large gap in the German market, which five14 GmbH has ultimately filled. This has served as a benefit, ultimately bringing more clients into the company. Furthermore, its brand has been furthered by its extensive expertise and hunger for improvement – for example, members of the company’s advisory board have in-depth knowledge of the digital economy and a broad area of the digital transformation field. In turn, the company can guarantee a constant critical, external, and unbiased view of its services. Another key factor that has enabled the brand to stand out is its contributions to charity. Each year 14% of five14 GmbH’s profits are donated to a charity, and, furthermore, its team members are involved in their own fundraising and charitable projects. Over the past year, five14 GmbH has endured numerous challenges, many being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has struggled to recruit more candidates for roles, noting that many candidates are wanting to work remotely. As a result, five14 GmbH has adapted its recruitment process, opting to switch to video conferences and digital