European Enterprise Awards 2021

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21713 Best Full-Service Pharmaceutical Development Company - Hungary Currently recognised as the Best Full-Service Pharmaceutical Development Company in Hungary, Goodwill Pharma LTD strivings to provide value within society by enhancing the development of innovative science-based, high-qualitymedicines and dietary food supplements for medical purposes and devices. Furthermore, the company aims tomake the medicine it supports accessible to everyone. By continually expanding its portfolio and geographical reach, Goodwill has targeted and surpassed access to patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmacies since the company's launch. Established in 1997, Goodwill Pharma LTD has developed a mission to improve and prolong people's lives by engaging in new technologies and scientific advances in healthcare. Globally noted, the devices and technologies linked to Goodwill Pharma have the potential to produce excellent quality products worldwide and are able to do so by paying particular attention to protecting the environment. Based in Szeged, Goodwill Pharma is a dynamically developing Hungarian company founded by Dr Ferenc Jójárt and Dr Mária Kardos; the couple created the company intending to support the health of those in need by developing and disseminating high-quality, healing products. "We built an integrated pharmaceutical company, from the conception of products to delivery to patients. This requires product development, manufacturing, retail and wholesale, marketing and sales support. We have developed a time-sharing concept for salespeople, according to which we build a portfolio for each therapeutic area. We do not want to sell what we have; we are looking for what patients need," explains Dr Ferenc Jójárt, the founder and CEO of Goodwill Pharma. Consequently, from its initial launch, Goodwill Pharma has expanded and evolved due to the founders and owners' ability to take risks within the industry and has been demonstrated professionally through its integration with its services in several areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Goodwill Pharma has been a pioneer of the industry for nearly 30 years and has established a widespread focus on several areas that have aided in the rapid growth in reputation and expertise. The company's efforts provide a firm emphasis on pharmaceutical logistics and distribution, pharmaceutical registration, a range of pharmaceutical marketing services, medical information, manufacturer and brand representation, development, production and marketing of in- house pharmaceuticals and food supplements. Due to its immense talent across several aspects within its field of proficiency, Goodwill Pharma's long-term partnerships include both long-standing international companies and renowned Hungarian clients. Something that sets Goodwill Pharma apart from its competitors is its founder, Dr. Ferenc Jójárt, who has created an expert board in which doctors, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical technologists take part in the discussion. Thus, holding progress meetings regularly that align the latest scientific findings and technologies available within the company towards the needs of patients. In its factory in Szeged, Goodwill is rolling out new products monthly, constantly developing machines and instrument fleets to meet the rapidly growing demands. Because of this, the company has planned new investments and has several new real estate projects that will be launched within the near future. Additionally, within the pharmaceutical industry, Goodwill Pharma is unique in that it also sells directly to pharmacies. With this activity, the company is able to stand out from its competitors and successfully compete with multinational and significantly larger domestic manufacturers. For Goodwill Pharma, its most recent achievement has been the right to exclusively manufacture and market Vitamin C under the name 'Albert Szent-Györgyi,' a Hungarian scientist who 80 years ago received a Nobel Prize for his research in Hungary. "We feel obligated to keep the spirit of the Professor alive," explains Dr Jójárt, whose company plays additional homage to the belated scientist by establishing the Albert Szent- Györgyi Medical Prize. "Following social and professional nominations, the foundation recognises the work of physicians whose work is dominated by devotion, high scientific standards, and philanthropy. The award provides an opportunity for all Hungarian citizens to express their respect and gratitude for the dedicated work of the medical community," explains Dr Eszter. Organisers initially presented the award in 2017; however, the award has been announced every year since due to the epitome success. With Goodwill Pharma's impressive connection to the local community and Hungarian heritage, the company has continuously kept up with its global reputation and its integral efforts within the scientific society. Company: Goodwill Pharma Kft. Name: Dr Eszter Jójárt Email: [email protected] Web Address: Goodwill Pharma Kft.