European Enterprise Awards 2021

30 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21225 Most Innovative Specialist OOH Advertising Agency 2021 AdBoardMedia Ltd/IAAC is a Group of companies wholly committed to the Out-of-Home Media Industry. It assists advertisers, advertising agencies and optimisers to zero in on their key target groups through original and tailor-made campaigns on unique and innovative media offerings. It does somost effectively withwell thought-out media plans which ensure high footfall and are impossible to be missed. AdBoard Media Ltd/IAAC was created to offer the best media opportunities for advertising in Cyprus and throughout Europe. Since its inception, it has grown rapidly and now covers a number of key European markets. It provides a varied selection of advertising options through roadside advertising, sports stadiums, malls, cinemas, and airports. AdBoard Media offers its unparalleled services to businesses everywhere across Europe. From Cyprus to Malta, from Croatia to Hungary, Greece and beyond, AdBoard Media Group allows its advertisers to reach a high number of consumers thereby maximising their reach and effectiveness. AdBoard Media’s strongest selling point is its solid foundational structure – it ensures that the most innovative, bespoke, and effective solutions are on offer to all its clients, and with its wealth of experience it never fails to deliver. An adaptable set of skills that heavily invest in its human capital, AdBoard takes everything in its stride and manages to keep pace within a rapidly changing world. With high value demographics and unified legislation, AdBoard Media offers an extensive list of media locations to choose from. It also encourages the use of one currency, thereby ensuring that all transactions are financial secure and simple. When looking for new employees, AdBoard Media searches for individuals who work with positivity, responsibility, adaptability, agility, respect, and the highest form of entrepreneurship. AdBoard Media promotes diversity and equal opportunity for all and, with its wide array of staff located throughout Europe, it enables a more varied and distinct team spirit. The global pandemic saw a lot of OOH companies struggle. Recently however, AdBoard Media was able to find an avenue back into the game - as the world slowly began opening back up, it seized the opportunity to assertively step back up to the plate and did so. AdBoard Media has allowed its clients to continue to reach consumers where they may not have been able to otherwise during the pandemic. If businesses are struggling to get back on top, they can rely on AdBoard Media to spread the word. Weathering the storm of recession and the global pandemic, AdBoard Media has earned its bragging rights and snagged multiple advertising awards along the way by building consistent and strong relationships with its clients who trust it deeply. With the future on the horizon, for 2022 and beyond, AdBoard Media is looking for new ways to imbue life back into airports and its clients’ campaigns by introducing more innovative and intelligent outdoor advertising formats. By doing so, we are able to give our advertisers more options for sustainable and high quality advertising across Europe. Contact: Michael Kyriakides Company: AdBoard Media Ltd/IAAC Web Address: