European Enterprise Awards 2021

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Oct21694 Best Financial Institution 2021 - Essex In 1849 Queen Victoria had been on the throne for just over a decade, there was the first exhibition of paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and Saffron Building Society was founded. A lot has changed since then, however, Saffron Building Society is still a leader in the mortgage and savings industry. Serving its local community, it prides itself on being amutual organisation – it is collectively owned by its members, its customers, and exists for their benefit. Since 1849 Saffron Building Society has been catering to its customers via its extensive network. Now, just over 170 years later, Saffron Building Society reaches its customers through virtual channels – but its devotion to customer-centricity has remained unchanged. Based in the east of England, the company offers a range of savings and mortgage products, partnering with Wren Sterling, the Co-op, the Equity Release experts, and Saffron Insurance to offer a variety of third- party solutions to members and clients in the Society's network. Saffron Building Society has been awarded numerous accolades over the years, namely for its Regular Saver and Children’s Regular Savings products. Moreover, in 2020 the company was awarded Building Society of the year in the MoneyAge awards and has gone on to win Overall Mortgage Lender of the year and First time Buyer Mortgage Lender of the year in the Mortgage Awards 2021. Indeed, Saffron Building Society is a recognisable face in its industry and is a well trusted mortgage and savings provider. The society prides itself on its numerous charitable donations and fundraisers. Home to a community fund grant panel made up of members and staff who decide on grants made to local charitable causes, Saffron Building Society hosts twice-yearly member events and strives to help its community. Within the company, however, it holds multiple core values close to its heart. Its main priority is providing excellent service, be it digitally or through face-to-face communication. With absolute client-centricity in mind, Saffron Building Society listens and responds proactively to its customers’ needs, drawing upon its experience and understanding to give excellent service. Furthermore, the company understands that not one size fits all – it aims to solve all kinds of problems that may arise and is able to adapt to change. As a result, this is what drives Saffron Building Society forward and enables them to continue developing new products and solutions. It is such values that distances Saffron Building Society from its competition. Additionally, the company extends its support far beyond the boundaries of mortgages and savings – as the company repeatedly states, ‘It’s more than money.’ Saffron Building Society endeavours to be a constant support for its customers and its members, aiding them in getting to a place of security. Providing advice, offering rewards, and cultivating a community, Saffron Building Society goes above and beyond for its customers, and as a result, has changed the face of the industry. Therefore, Saffron Building Society is deserving of the title Best Financial Institution 2021 – Essex. Since its founding, it has consistently provided a high-quality service, guiding people towards a financially stable future. Whilst its techniques have changed since 1849, its determination and devotion remain the same. Contact: Charlotte Townsend Company: Saffron Building Society Web Address: