European Enterprise Awards 2021

38 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21260 Best International Antibodies Production Company 2021 Having become an international reference for the development, production, and supply of new antibodies, SICGENAntibodies is a Portuguese company that has made a name for itself with its continuously innovative and specific work. Being able to focus on niche areas – specifically ones where there have been gaps in antibody supply – it has become a critical cornerstone in the medical technologymarket, and one that has allowed it a competitive advantage and further opportunities in a highly competitive segment. Above all else, SICGEN Antibodies is a company manufacturing and marketing polyclonal antibodies for cell biology research. Founded in 2009, the spin- off from the University of Coimbra became an entity all of its own, led by Dr José Ramalho – a Portuguese scientist – and two other co-founders to create a highly dedicated and specific research institute. Additionally, it was founded under the NEOTEC Portuguese Initiative in this time, catalysed by Dr Ramalho’s 2009 move to NOVA University in Lisbon where he continues to carry out his research into cell biology and the development of new antibodies; to this day, he owns 50% of the company’s shares. The other 50% are owned by a UK investor. Fundamentally, SICGEN Antibodies uses its base in the district of Coimbra to house a huge and exemplary production unit. From here, it boasts a number of lab spaces, each of which are spacious and modern, and with access to the nearby animal house with a capacity for producing hundreds of antibodies per annum by raising them in the systems of Capa hircus goats. This existing rural ecosystem of goat farming has proved an exemplary way for researchers to integrate into an already established system. In essence, this method means that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the rural goat farmers and the scientists incubating antibodies in order to further medical science, with SICGEN Antibodies becoming even more of an innovative voice in polyclonal antibody development by the day thanks to its cutting-edge technology and dedicated team. Its innovations, such as its antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as GFP, mCherry, tdTomato, and more, have earned SICGEN Antibodies publication in Life Sciences papers across nature, cell, and broader scientific study, primarily going on to be used for ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and biochemical techniques. Thus, it currently produces its polyclonal antibodies for the North American, European, and Far East market, with its clients ranging from universities and research institutes to pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology distributors. Its attitude towards furthering this global market in the future has certainly made it one to watch on the global antibody distribution stage. A small, hardworking, resilient team, it produces products to the highest of standards and only lets those that have undergone its rigorous quality testing leave the lab, working hard since the start of the pandemic to help by focusing its efforts on the production of antibodies against the protein strains of SARS-Cov-2. Supported by grants from the Portuguese government, it was able to keep developing and innovating throughout the challenges of the past 18 months, contributing its top-of-the-line solutions in order to continue creating market leading antibodies for the wider medical innovation community. Company: SICGEN Antibodies Contact: Jose Ramalho Website: