European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 43 , which has allowed them to incorporate in the USA, which will no doubt see even more growth for this impressive firm. The industry behind SmartCIC is constantly shifting, but ensuring that the company remains agile and dynamic, the team have positioned themselves at the forefront of this change. Their success is something to celebrated as they reach out beyond European borders to opportunities beyond. Company: SmartCIC Global Services Contact: Toby Forman CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Nov21669 Best Global Managed Network Services Provider 2021 The importance of being able to reach around the world has never beenmore obvious, and the teamat SmartCIC Global Services have made it their mission to achieve incredible results for their customers. In the European Enterprise Awards, the firmwas recognised for its efforts. We dig a little deeper into how they have been able to thrive in this rapidly growingmarket. Working across 100 countries worldwide, the team at SmartCIC has made its name through delivering exceptional results. Through combining internet connectivity, structured cabling, deployment and maintenance services, the firm has proven itself more than capable of offering a turn-key solution, bespoke designed for the needs of its customers. The strong network of carriers, service providers and engineers has proven to be the key that has unlocked incredible service on behalf of customers. When asked what drives forward such an innovative approach, Toby Forman, CEO explained “We truly believe that we are only as good as our last piece of work for a customer. Having this philosophy means we never rest of our laurels and are constantly looking at ways we can improve our service and delivery.” Not resting on one’s laurels is vital to securing continued success in a rapidly changing industry. There is a need for a dynamic and agile approach at all times. “Dealing with uncertainty, risk and a changing set of customer requirements is what our business has been built on,” Mr Forman tells us. “Many of our customers look to us to turn around a solution in hours.” As ever with the team at SmartCIC, the best way to judge them is by their results. The team recently developed a rapid 4G deployment solution for a major UK telecoms provider which guaranteed an engineer on site with a 4G router anywhere in Europe within 48 hours. This is an incredible logistical feat, but one which reflects the determination of the SmartCIC team. “Our technical service desks are fluent in 17 languages and are able to expertly manage interventions remotely. We not only understand the technical aspects of our brief but also the local cultural environment in which we are being asked to operate.” This wide-ranging approach showcases what sets SmartCIC apart from the crowd, and why it is in such high demand. As a global player, access to Europe has been vital to the growth of the business. It has opened the door to all major markets, especially through the firm’s physical presence in France and Spain. These companies have allowed the business to recruit and retain staff from different backgrounds and countries, building in a rich cultural knowledge that meets the specific needs of customers. When explaining why this was a key factor in the firm’s success, Toby told us: “Ultimately for me telecoms, like many other businesses, is a human business. Operating in a global market where we may have interventions happening in 10 different countries for a customer in a project, it is important to manage the alignment of the customer’s delivery expectations with the local business culture in those markets. That way we do not run the risk of over-promising and under delivering.” The future of SmartCIC will see them exploring new markets and entering into new countries that will allow them to offer even better service to their customers. Whilst many businesses work hard, the SmartCIC team are committed to providing smarter solutions to their customers too. It’s this eye for detail