European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 45 , it 100% reusable and sustainable. Denroy Group Ltd takes pride in its ingenuity over the past year, placing a great amount of credit into its team’s hands. Throughout numerous lockdowns the company has taken action to protect both its staff and the nation, developing products that are inclusive and accessible. In addition to its role in supplying PPE, Denroy have invested over £3 million in a new manufacturing facility, created over 200 new jobs, and secured a £19.5m contract with HSCNI. The future of Denroy Group Ltd is to be filled with exciting new plans. As the world turns towards sustainability and eco-friendly products, Denroy Group Ltd is experimenting with ways to enable full recycling of its product range. It aims to begin with its FFP3 masks and is currently in talks with the NHS surrounding how the masks can be recovered from the HSC Trusts prior to reprocessing. Contact: Frances Courtney Company: Denroy Group Ltd Web Address: Nov21428 Most Innovative Polymer Components & Solutions Provider 2021 For almost half a decade Denroy Group Ltd has been at the forefront of the polymer industry and has delved into a variety of sectors from construction to aviation. Its innovative techniques and desire to constantly evolve has ensured its survival in a competitive industry that is ever changing. Furthermore, the company has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19, supplying PPE to the NHS and creating new, inclusive masks. Based in Northern Ireland, Denroy Group Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high- tech, critical components for the aerospace, medical and defence industries. For almost 50 years the company has been an innovator – supporting the local economy through developing components that are used in fighter jets, passenger planes, forklift trucks and over 100 different other applications. Indeed, since its founding, Denroy Group Ltd has been a leader, creating, and adapting to suit ever-changing needs. From polypropylene to PEEK and PPS, Denroy Group Ltd has a vast array of knowledge and expertise surrounding polymers. Its diverse capabilities make it perfect for a multitude of sectors – for example, its capabilities in high-performance engineering thermoplastics makes the company an ideal components manufacturer for various structures and systems within aircrafts. On the other hand, however, it crafts a variety of products for the commercial realm, providing its assistance to the medical, construction, and haircare industries. Moreover, the business boasts an extensive portfolio filled with many well-known clients, from Bombardier and Airbus to Daewoo and Hyster-Yale. Since 1971 Denroy Group Ltd has functioned on a basic set of core principles. Every decision the company makes hinges upon the dynamics of the relationships amongst its team – it strives to establish a clear common goal that delivers benefits to everyone, whilst driving the company towards a vision. Furthermore, the business values honesty and respect, as each member of staff should be courteous and considerate. From the managers to the production operatives, it is expected that everyone works as a dynamic and efficient team, communicating effectively to get the job done. Ultimately, Denroy Group Ltd hopes to cultivate a healthy working environment that nurtures, inspires, and encourages its employees. As one of only four companies globally to hold the ADS 21st Century Supply Chains Gold Award, Denroy Group Ltd certainly stands out from the crowd. Making a name for itself through its high-quality materials, the company has gone on to collaborate closely with universities, material suppliers, industrial bodies and partners to remain at the forefront of manufacturing techniques. In turn, this ensures that Denroy Group Ltd stays ahead of its competitors and is constantly exploring new ways to develop the company further. Over the past couple of years, the globe has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Denroy Group Ltd found itself at the forefront of the surge in demand for PPE equipment – the company supported the Hero Shield charity to manufacture the Hero Shield face visor and ultimately took over full production. As a result, Denroy Group Ltd produced over one million visors for the NHS. Furthermore, its team developed an innovative, new style of face covering called the Bubl. A transparent filtration mask, it features a replaceable eight-hour filtration system, making