European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 47 , for treating issues with the central nervous system, visual features and acoustic features and various food supplements such as Reonat, Folamet and Sametil. These products have transformed the lives of so many people, allowing them to live healthier existences with the minimum of pain. What is clear from the team’s impressive portfolio of products is that they are committed at all times to the ultimate in pharmaceutical products. With their focus always on the human factor, what will help people in everyday life, their impact has been incredible. We celebrate the team’s impressive success and look forward to their future triumphs! Company: AB Pharm Contact: Gabriele Bruno Email: [email protected] Nov21431 Pharmaceutical Company of the Year - Italy A new light has been shone on the pharmaceuticals industry in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading the way forward in Italy is the team fromAB Pharm. Their incredible work has brought them enormous success. In the European Enterprise Awards 2021, where only the finest industries in the business are recognised, we dig a little deeper into some of the secrets of the team’s success. Founded in 2009, the team behind AB Pharm have been involved in some of Italy’s most renowned pharmaceutical achievements in the last ten years. The team’s incredible efforts focus on the way in which human relationships and the pharmaceutical industry interact. Needless to say, this has brought about a more patient-centric approach which has been key to the team’s continued success. While the firm has grown significantly over the last thirteen years, the project has remained the same since the beginning. The AB Pharm team are committed to developing and marketing some of the finest pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products on the market. Key to this is not simply producing these products, but ensuring that medical practitioners are aware of the latest options on the table. Much of the work performed by the AB Pharm team revolves around updating doctors on the most appropriate and scientifically correct use of active ingredients in order to protect and improve the health and well-being of their patients. The AB Pharm team undertakes every aspect of production and many of their techniques can be identified through the high efficacy of their tested formulas. When medical professionals turn to a product from the team at AB Pharm, they know that it is going to work. The firm’s specialism, therefore, is adding valuable tools to the options from which doctors can choose. To make the process easier for all, the team have divided their various products into thematic areas which are designed to respond to various health problems. Amongst the products developed by the team are Synapsine tablets and vials, perfect