European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 51 , plate-making processes. Further tying in with the meaning of ‘Lagom,’ the company provides a high-quality service to its clients without it being at the expense of the environment. Across the internet, happy customers can be found. On Trustpilot, the company has averaged a 4.9 rating across 693 reviews, earning it an ‘excellent’ ranking. “I bought a collection to last me over a decent stretch of time as I know I don’t want to compromise and have to pick up another brand on a last minute occasion,” commented Laura Jolly, who labelled it as a ‘go to brand.’ Complementing the products, another customer, known as June, said, “These cards are weighty, colourful and well though through. It’s a pleasure to send them.” From sustainability to a long line of happy customers, it is understandable why Lagom Design is deserving of the title Best Greetings Card & Stationery Design Studio 2021. Reviving the art of handwritten notes, Lagom Design is a company that prioritises the beauty of illustration, providing exquisite cards at a fair cost. Contact: Paula Mearns Company: Lagom Design Limited Web Address: Nov21251 Best Greetings Card & Stationery Design Studio 2021 Filled withmagnificent designs and lively illustrations, LagomDesign Limited is the go-to online store for all your stationery and greetings card needs. Not only are the company’s products beautifully crafted, but they are also sustainable – in turn, benefitting the customer and reducing the company’s carbon output. For over a decade the company has been turning heads and, consequently, it serves as no shock that the company is an industry leader. Whether it is to say, ‘Happy Birthday,’ or, ‘Congratulations,’ a handwritten note can make the moment all the more sentimental. Writing is a way to express emotions that you cannot say face-to-face, it is an act of catharsis that supplies a wealth of benefits to the mind and soul. Moreover, writing by hand makes the note feel personal – as if an abundance of time, thought, and care was poured into each word. Henceforth, greetings cards have become an increasingly popular method of doing this, and as a result, it is vital to find the perfect one. Indeed, from funny images to hand drawn designs, there is something on the market that fits every occasion. That’s where Lagom Design comes into play. Since 2007 the company has been producing luxurious cards and stationery, which have been inspired by an appreciation of art, design, and craftsmanship. Such passion is reflected in the company’s name, as ‘Lagom’ is a Swedish word that describes the feeling when something has ‘perfect balance’ or is ‘just right’. This word perfectly encapsulates the essence of the company – from the excellent customer service to the designs featured on the cards, everything is ‘just right.’ Founded in Paris, the company’s mission was to renew the focus on quality print and design, an art that was becoming lost in the age of mass media. The company believes that there’s something special about greetings cards, stating that the experience of receiving one is ‘something that you can't emulate digitally.’ Coming from humble beginnings, the company has since created products for over 22 different countries, and has expanded its range to include notebooks, wrapping paper, and giftbags. Lagom Design is the home of premium quality products perfect for all your gift and card sending needs. Lagom Design works with a plethora of designers from around the world. In turn, this ensures a wide variety of illustration styles are always available. Lagom Design’s long- standing award-winning Swedish designer, Hanna Werning trained as a graphic designer at Central St Martins College of Art & Design, London before going on to enjoy an illustrations career in media and retail. Hanna’s design inspiration comes from taking forms and colours of nature giving them a twist, creating inspiring shapes and exciting colour pallets to Lagom Design’s newbies, such as Linzie Hunter, a Scottish illustrator and author based in Peckham produces hand-lettering for book covers. Her work is sweet, vivacious, vibrant, and full of life – making it perfect for Lagom Design’s diverse and colourful collection to Caroline Dowsett, a young artist from Manchester who is literally painting her city in all colours of the rainbow, Formal study did not fulfil her need to draw inspiration from the broader cultural scene of the city and at 22 she left university and rented a studio at Islington Mill. The former cotton mill, now a working hub of creatives, including grime musicians, screen printers, ceramicists, and painters It may come as a surprise that such high-quality stationery products are affordable, and that they compete with the prices found in high street retailers. Yet, unlike its high street counterparts, Lagom Design has an enormous focus on sustainability, utilising accredited sustainable and recycled papers, smaller page sizes, and reduced weights where possible. Additionally, during the printing process Lagom Design uses biodegradable thermal lamination, vegetable- based printing inks, and chemical–free thermal