European Enterprise Awards 2022

10. As some of us know, Indonesian cuisine has a vibrant and beautiful history. Although a lot of Indonesian cuisine is not very well documented, it is worth noting that many of its culinary practices are passed down through oral tradition. Due to its location and natural resources, Indonesia has been heavily involved in trade. This has also meant that its cooking techniques and ingredients were hugely influenced by the countries it would trade with – such as India, the Middle East, China, and Europe. Offering authentically rich, colourful, and beautiful recipes, Rumah Makan Melati supplies Utrecht with an opportunity to experience genuine Indonesian cuisine – for all the family. By creating the best Indonesian dishes, with all dietary requirements in mind, Rumah Makan Melati satisfies all out cravings whilst taking us on a journey to Indonesia and back again. Its passionate Owner, Fevit Jo-van Kesteren tells us, “We long to bring the harmonious authentic taste and also experience, packed with our sincere love and passion. Bringing the whole new level of vegan food, as mouth-watering as non-vegan food.” Being vegan used to be a lot more difficult within society, due to the traditional uses of meat, egg, and dairy, however, Indonesian food makes use of a wide variety of vegetables and seasonings that don’t have to have animal ingredients involved at all. This gives us the perfect opportunity to try some vegan dishes, and a great chance to broaden our tastes as we search for more vegan food to try. Not only this, but it’s also fantastic to discover the gastronomy of Indonesia – no matter what we usually like to eat. Founded almost two decades ago, when veganism wasn’t as popular, Rumah Makan Melati has become part of its surroundings. Nestled within a beautiful medieval city, in the Utrecht province, Rumah Makan Melati is very strategically located in the middle of the Netherlands, Best Vegan-Inclusive Indonesian Restaurant - Province of Utrecht Based in Amersfoort (Utrecht) in the Netherlands, Rumah Makan Melati is an authentic Indonesian restaurant that pours love into all it creates. We learn more about the restaurant as it wins this title in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. Dec22029 in Amersfoort. It is easy to access, delicately decorated, and filled with charm, making it the perfect place to enjoy your favourite cuisine – or simply to discover a new palette of flavours. After taking over the restaurant in February 2020, the couple decided to pour their heart and soul into the place. Fevit shares, “This is our first entrepreneurship, and we are so grateful to be able to manage it with the care and love of the whole family. My husband is supporting me from distance while my daughter and I are running the business together, managing and taking our best care of the day-to-day operations. We love to be able to share our love and passion to each of our customers, but we’re even more glad and grateful to God to have the chances to receive the love from our customers. It’s always a pleasure to hear their love for our foods. Their satisfaction have always been a beautiful light of happiness that keeps us going to share better experience”. Covid-19 was difficult however, Rumah Makan Melati stuck to what it knew. By continuing to produce the same level of immense flavour, coupled with bold colours and nutrient rich ingredients, for take away meals, the restaurant managed to stay on top of its game. With plenty of vegan options on its menu, Rumah Makan Melati is the ideal Indonesian restaurant to visit. It has an extensive list of succulent vegan dishes such as Satay, Gado-gado, Spring roll, Terong belado (aubergine), tofu and tempeh dishes – all of which leave us wanting more. Not sure which one to start? Rumah Makan Melati would gratefully welcome you with Rijsttafel (Rice table), beautiful assorted small dishes that enables you to taste the richfulness of each uniquely crafted Indonesian cuisine in a beautiful harmony and combination. Besides its exhaustive selections of vegan food, Rumah Makan Melati also has its list of specialty for non-vegan eaters, displaying also Indonesian most identified dish such as Rendang, so it’s a friendly and welcoming place for every one with every preference. We are pleased to announce that Rumah Makan Melati has won the title of Best Vegan-Inclusive Indonesian Restaurant – Province of Utrecht. If you’re looking for an authentic Indonesian restaurant with a lot of passion, you’ve found the right place – and we hope you get a chance to experience its indulgent menu in person the next time that you are in the Netherlands. The restaurant is located at the back entrance of Amersfoort Central Station which you can reach with 40-minutes train journey from Schiphol Airport. Hop on to a food adventure, extend your vegan food journey, discover variety of authentic Indonesian foods, and feel the culture that touch every combination of spices. Our flavoursome experience cannot wait to greet you! Contact: Fevit Jo-van Kesteren +31 6484 33481 [email protected] Company: Rumah Makan Melati Web Address: