European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22546 12. lanix Oy’s Managing Director, Harri Laitinen, is only too aware that the company was spawned out of deficiency – a lack of options that were fit for purpose on the market. It’s incredibly common in the space, after all, for a company to find success through an understanding that things could be, and should be, better. “In communication, there was never a single product that we could use easily, reliably and with high security. We started to develop the product and service for our own operation in the future. The result is a product combined with the necessary services into one safe entity. The product name is Kilpi, which means a protective shield for all the activities inside it. Users and our connection partners are fully protected. The protection technology is an improved version that is usually only used by the defence forces. “Our customers own and control their own data themselves. For telecommunications, we developed our own technology that works in many different connection situations; normal internet, dark network (when normal internet is not available) and basic SMS (if there is no data network available). In short, we are probably the world's most secure communication entity that works in almost all situations (with small exceptions).” This, perhaps, best encapsulates Planix Oy’s overall ethos and mission. Working in the communications space is notoriously challenging, with the cyber security space demanding the best, most efficient, most secure, most adaptable and most future-proof solutions. It’s telling then that the company has thrived here, where expectations couldn’t be higher. Harri is only too aware of this but is comfortable that the team – both leadership and otherwise – have the foundation in place to continue to innovate and grow regardless of what the future may bring. “The basic values are the creation of common success, for the benefit of all. By acting like this, you win and make your own activities more efficient. Our solutions bring improvement to all offers at the right time. By combining the needs and creating a solution that connects them, you can make it easier and more efficient for all parties involved. “The Kilpi product is an example of needs and their solutions, where we are a unique entity. A unique own isolated operating system within the existing ones, securing communication with highly developed proprietary technology, electronic trading as part of communication (cybercurrency as an example), identification of users / organizations combined with safe and legal information and Most Innovative Communication Cyber Security Development Company - Scandinavia The technology and communication spheres move swiftly – seeming to gain momentum year on year. For those outside of it, it seems almost impossible to keep apace. But for those innovators at its core? Creativity, adaptability and evolution define their operations. Following its welldeserved success in the programme, we took a look at one of these innovators to find out more. smart marketing. There are always competitors at different levels, which is a part of our life as we continue to develop it, however there are not very many parties who understand and control the whole ... so we are the best overall on the market,” Harri explains in more detail. It’s no secret on the greater business and technology landscapes that COVID-19 accelerated the process towards digitisation. Infrastructure was quickly put in place, only too aware that time was not on many businesses’ sides in terms of finding solutions to problems. This time crunch soon revealed weaknesses and people realised that the move to digitsation often requires careful planning and significant consideration, as Harri discusses. “Cyber security, communication and information management were realised in practice. The challenges opened up and their repair needs came out clearly.” Yet, by all regards, this move was needed and many companies in a plethora of industries now see this as a secret boon of the pandemic, revitalising their operations and processes towards a more tech-centered world. With the resources in place and investment in infrastructure put aside, many companies find themselves in an altogether more robust place, ready for any future challenges if and when they should arise. With this in mind, and the impact of COVID-19 causing lasting change in the communication and cyber security spheres, Planix Oy is seeking to capitalise further by enhancing its product line and offerings. Harri concludes: “The future offers the opportunity to develop and produce more and more new things with which we can help and make authorities, companies and private individuals more efficient. “By developing easy-to-use communication, user/organization identification, reliable authority notification, smart marketing and operation in accordance with new laws, combining electronic archiving as part of our instant communication with a very high level of security, whether the party is a private person, company or authority. During Q1 and Q2 of 2023, we will combine our products, our technology partners and parties related to the financing of operations, without forgetting our future customers.” It's clear to see how Planix Oy has harnessed its expertise to bring best in class solutions to its customers, partners and clients. Its innovative core rings true, and it has all the markings of a global leader in both the cyber security and communications industries. P Company: Planix Oy Name: Harri Laitinen Email: [email protected] Web | | Address: Aloha Tietotalo, Virastotie 4, 43500 Karstula, Finland Telephone: +358 207 890 700 / +358 40 9000 560 Dec22030