European Enterprise Awards 2022

14. Nov22724 Best Outdoor Wood-Based Materials Manufacturer - Europe Sustainability beats at the heart of NOVO-TECH’s philosophy. As the largest manufacturer of wood materials, the company understands that it plays a key role in establishing best practices in the larger industry and European market. Of course, NOVO-TECH has also established itself firmly for its innovation and creativity in the space, creating state-of-the-art outdoor products manufactured by the megawood® brand. Together, by unifying best in class sustainability initiatives with high-quality products, NOVO-TECH has distinguished itself as the leader of the pack. Indeed, there are few that can claim to be competitors of the company, even with considerations over the breadth of the global manufacturing sphere. To start, Marek takes a moment to explain the company’s offerings in more detail, and how it looks to continuously revolutionise the manufacturing industry. “The responsible use of resources is part of NOVO-TECH's corporate and product philosophy. The basis of the products is the wood material GCC (German Compact Composite). With GCC, NOVO-TECH is the pioneer for innovative, material-healthy and, at the same time, recyclable building materials. The wood-based material GCC has been awarded the independent, science-based certification "Cradle to Cradle Certified®" at gold level and the "C2C Certified Material Health CertificateTM" at platinum level. “The world population is growing, and resources are becoming scarce, raw material prices and energy costs are increasing. The topics of responsibility for future generations, climate protection and resource consumption are playing an increasingly important role and are creating new needs. The most consistent solution for more sustainability and less waste of valuable resources is provided by the circular economy - entirely in line with the Cradle to Cradle® design principle. NOVOTECH uses the term "circular" and ensures a closed material cycle that reduces the need for new raw materials. One of the great innovations of our time are building materials that are designed in such a way that they can be used again and again without loss of quality and without having to fear expensive disposal.” This is the crux of NOVO-TECH’s success. By focusing on the return and reuse of Established in 2007, NOVO-TECH is Europe’s largest manufacturer of wood materials. Following the firm’s recognition in the European Enterprise Awards as the ‘Best Outdoor Wood-Based Materials Manufacturer’, we spoke with Marek Junghans, Head of Marketing and Digital Experience, to find out more. materials, it can guarantee a sustainable ethos throughout its product range, and an ability to scale seamlessly if needed. True sustainability, after all, requires total recycling of materials with no waste. This is notoriously difficult to achieve due to the degradation of materials over time, but it is a problem that the company is actively tackling through its products and processes. “NOVOTECH relies on various concepts to ensure the return of material. In addition to dealer return systems, floorboard recognition via app and voluntary object registration by the user, NOVO-TECH offers a usage contract based on usufruct as an alternative service to the classic purchase contract. This guarantees 100% reuse of the material. GCC thus serves as a permanent carbon depot for future generations,” Marek adds. Of course, NOVO-TECHensures it remains at the cutting edge of the industry through the continual sourcing of potential alternatives that align with its sustainable ethos. By combining that drive with its robust takeback system it ensures a complete circular economy of its materials and products. Here, Marek offers more insight into this process, and discusses the Cradle-toCradle standard is abides by, in his closing comments. “NOVO-TECH is always on the lookout for alternative raw materials that are healthy and can be used again and again in material cycles. NOVO-TECH is working on the manufacturer-independent expansion of the usage contract for the entire construction industry. The aim is the 100% use of healthy and recyclable materials for the entire house construction - implemented in a single usage contract Company: NOVO-TECH GmbH & Co. KG Name: Marek Junghans, Head of Marketing and Digital Experience Email: [email protected] Web Address: / Address: Siemensstraße 31 Telephone: +49 3473 22 503 0 “As a pioneer for innovative, materialhealthy and at the same time recyclable building materials, NOVOTECH is in constant exchange with dealers and manufacturers of building products.” - Marek Junghans, Head of Marketing and Digital Experience